Monday, January 11

The merriest of times in Olathe

I am the luckiest in the world when I get to spend time with the five fryes.

And that is what I did! I flew out after work on the first day of the blessing of a break (school starts again tomorrow). I never forget that part of my heart is in kansas, but I forget the details of daily living and being able to run to the store and get half & half and loved every second of being back.

Donna came over for our second annual Christmas baking day. Entire day! With a B team and A team according to skill level and the ammount of errors made, with generous room for improvement or decline.

I had to make the favorite of last year, rosemary pinenut cookies, which are close to the consistency of shortbread but with a not too sweet, great combination taste. These will be a staple each year. I also made peppermint bark and my favorite that I grew up with, soda cracker candy.

Melissa made incredible Ginger cookies to go with our tea and her famous peanut butter balls, people chow, and a popcorn white chocolate mix. Donna tried a new chocolate walnut log which was excellent and peanut butter balls and left the caramel at home to ensure B team status and no less:)

Baking war paint.

The day was a success!

Here is mister comedy, Logan, enjoying the Christmas goodies.

And his brother Brennan in overwhelming anticipation!

And his other brother, Landen able to hold it in slighty more.

Until now,

Landen loved games just as much as I, which is so fun. And competitive. Let me say I did beat him in a bsu vs tcu (we were in fiesta bowl anticipation) NCAA playstation game. I know! 27 to 21. He was begging for a re-match.

Todd and melissa,

So cute

Some last minute shopping with kim!

And my morning ritual of pg tips.

The best way I could think to start Christmas.


Sherry said...

so cute. loving the glimpse of Kimmer :)

The Funny Farm said...

So jealous. I will come along in your suitcase sometime. I am sure no one would notice. :)

Dagreatoxsm said...

so cute. loving the glimpse of Kimmer :)

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