Tuesday, February 26

papa Jerry says,

"The way to eat a large elephant is one bite at a time."

I am sure someone else said this before my grandpa, and he more insightful thoughts of wisdom of social and Christian living, but for me, this week, I wanted to hear about the feat of eating an elephant.

So thank you to my grandpa.

How is that meal coming? I am progressing, only putting it in the fridge to sleep, eat, and work.

The good thing about this next month is, the work that is required of me is also exciting and the kind of challenge that pushes me to work, not ignore.

I am also learning that performing tasks that seem small, do infact help the result, or at least me in the process of achieving that result. Today I made a mini model of the construction for my art show and although by sight it serves as evidence as to why I am not a builder, it was very helpful for me to see dimension and the entire space. Making this model will better my work when I get to the permanent materials.

IF I knew where my camera battery was I would post a picture of the first real wall being made, but just imagine!

I am thankful for school. I am thankful for educated, passionate teachers. I am thankful that different people have different strengths and that mine is not science or math. I am thankful that some people are technical, like my friend Brad who is building part of the structure of the house for my show.
I am thankful that God made our bodies to require sleep.
I am thankful for the abundant meal of the elephant that will last me the next month or so, whether I grow tired of the taste or not.

(this is always the chair I want to sit in, while I am uncomfortable in my pretty wooden one, I thought I would share the dream)

Thursday, February 21

this will be short

due to the plug of my laptop which will only charge if my hand is holding it in place.

i just spent hour 20 on this week's screen printing project. after many learnings and mistakes i was just kicked out of the art building at midnight. the potential outcome for this process is endless and desirable, but apparently hard to get to.
here goes hope for the final day of tries tomorrow!

i was half relieved to be kicked out = sleep!

Tuesday, February 19

today i will write

for beth. for kathy. for stacey. for karla. for cindy. for travis. and that is probably all who read.
but i have been craving writing to you again.
I plan to post updates and progress on the creating of my art show
(april 9)
(( i post the date, mostly as a constant ticking clock for added pressure))
(((and to invite you my friends)))

It's actually really nice, I don't feel forced to work on the show at all. I want to. I guess it pays to end by working with materials in a way that feels natural.

I am working on balance. An attempted healthy ammount of excitement for the future and enjoyment of every second of the closing now. An attempted healthy ammount of working on the portfolio until I fall over and being okay with imperfections.

and! the sun does still exist and is "brightening" more days.

off to modern european history textbook. yes, i saved classes like these for my last semester! I will be posting photos of work on the show soon.

May we all be filled with hunger as we continue through the lenten season.