Tuesday, December 11


As this current finals week is about to close, with the anticipation of one long night ahead, i am going to make a pretty big statement. Here it goes. I choose to never acedemically procrastinate ever again.
(I will write more when I am done)
((hopefully about happy holidays and such))

Thursday, November 22

sweet potato chowder

(that is my contribution to the meal today, we shall see how it goes!)

Last night at dinner, two of my friends from Scotland reminded me that Thanksgiving isn't celebrated everywhere. If I had looked back on my elementary education, I would have remembered the Native Americans kindly sharing with the new pilgrims.
So is Thanksgiving a day we are supposed to be thankful for our country? I am thankful for the US and most of it's intentions, but I think this year I will focus a little more on the many reasons to be thankful for every thing.

Since there are countless things for which I am grateful, I will focus on some recent:
a friend teaching me how to paint with oils
new music (beirut,midlake,band of horses, and the rediscovered white album)
a break from work to regroup
preparation for the Advent season of anticipation
grandma & co.'s cooking
friends to miss and love
candied walnuts
having options

-these are things I am thankful for today-
thank you Lord for blessings each day, even the first pilgrims.

Friday, November 9

Alive and Well

It's that time of year. The time of stress in the semester. Except why has the majority of the semester, if not all, felt like this? I guess I am attempting to take this semester as seriously as I am able to, everything I do or don't do right now will affect my portfolio and my portfolio affects my future. No pressure.
So I am living one task at a time and when I weigh my tasks, I couldn't put blog writing at the top, (not that I don't enjoy writing to my friends).

We are sure blessed with a pretty November here in Idaho. And a fun "Night of the Arts" is coming up next Monday, 8-10, hosted by the Communications, Music and Art departments at NNU. Readers Theatre, Jazz, Art, oh and food!

Friends who have been through this stage of deciding and praying about what is next, I would love to hear your stories.
I'm back to photoshop.
good night

Tuesday, October 9

peacock for a night

This weekend, NNU had their annual TWIRP (The Woman Is Required to Pay) date weekend. (Although I didn't have to pay because my friend Peter, who I asked, is on leadership, thanks peter)
The theme this year was Noah's Ark, and as tradition holds, the first evening of the two night date adventure, you are supposed to dress up in that theme. So, we were peacocks. Getting out of class an hour before the event started, we ran (figuratively)to walmart, the thrift store and to my parent's house to get some overgrown plants that were then assembled into feathers. I don't know if the blue eye-shadowed faces were worth it, but we needed to become the part!

Peter and I hung out with our friends Mike and Carly during the weekend, who were chameleons. Throughout the two nights we went to the Ringling Bros. Circus, parks, the corn maze, ice skating, dinner, coffee shops and to a rented out movie theatre, where I fell asleep. It was a fun way to delay homework. Here Carly and I are in Julia Davis Park.

Off to that delayed homework.


thank you God for being God.

Monday, October 1

the coat is officially out of the closet

I had been avoiding my new lovely gray coat. Because putting it on means I am entering the 7 month season that in my mind should last only 2.

In one of my design classes last week we watched Cesky Sen, a Czech documentary that two film students created about the power of advertising. In the film they trick thousands into going to a new hypermarket that actually doesn't exist, through smart advertising. It is very interesting, you should see it. After viewing the film our class discussed designing adverstising. Our teacher asked, "Is there anything you wouldn't design for?"

Is there anything I wouldn't design for? I was surprised I hadn't thought about this before, but when I started thinking about a list of items or ideas I wouldn't want to support as a designer, the count was short. There are two camps. One says "If someone is going to design for Camel cigarettes, it might as well be me, as a Christian designer I could make the decision to put no bikinis in an ad and could be a positive influence on that industry." The other opinion is that you simply don't work to promote something you don't agree with. For example, formatting layouts for a cigarette company could be furthering someone's addiction, and whether or not you agree with smoking, by designing, you are behind what that company promotes.

Then there is the question of how much and what kind of involvement is enough or too much. I haven't had this conflict come up in my little design experience, but it's another question I wish could be answered simply for me. I'm not going to design for Camel but how many companies are really integrity full? What do you think?

(back to my waffle and berries)

Sunday, September 23

a quandry

I am curious.
How do you find time to do things you love? Things that are a part of you? I'm finding that some things get pushed back just because we're focusing on another interest.
I guess it comes back to weighing priorities, but I don't want to stop what I am doing, it's just sad knowing that the things I'm not doing are becoming less familiar.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 20

happy autumn leaves

Tonight I spent time with a friend I haven't really talked with in 3 years or so. We are completely different people now with nice familliar hints of why we became friends in the first place.

We found out that though we are different and experienced different things, we both have grown in our desire and hopefully in our understanding of who God is. I was reminded to be praying for God's involvment in all of His people, even when I can't see it. I thank my friend for reminding me of all He can do.

We are back in the full swing of routine this fall, nights lasting longer and longer. I am thankful for my drives to work in the morning with the heater slowly warming, and papua new guinea coffee safely in the other hand while watching the sun come up.

Tuesday, September 11

it is about time

Hello friends, I have missed communicating with you while being caught in the whirlwind of moving back to Idaho! I am back.
The first week or so back (it's almost been a month now), I felt as though Nampa was playing a trick on me, it looked the same, smelled the same, but I fit differently. Many of you have moved a few times, but Kansas City for the summer was my first venture, actually settling in somewhere other than Idaho. This was a strange place to come back to. Many friends who made up my "home" before I left Nampa are now living in other places, so I have been attempting to become comfortable with a new routine and place. I am trying to look at this transition as another to add to the list of experiences that help me grow, and people here have been wonderful in making that pretty easy.

It is fun watching nature change with everything else around me. I have managed to go back and forth between AC and heat in my car about 5 times in the past 3 days!
(That is when I'm not riding my bike.)

I am trying some new forms of discipline this fall. Some, if not a lot, of structure is good for me. So I am anticipating better habits of exercise, prayer, learning how to cook and reading all assigned reading before class...hurrah for at least good intentions which have the possibility of being accomplished!

I will now show you a few pieces of my week in NY.
It was so neat to be re-inspired to make art, with great art friends, and more galleries and exhibits than I had time to see.

Waiting for the subway, always one of my favorite parts of traveling in a city. Although, NY doesn't have as organized of a system or as clean as other underground systems I have experienced. Still, very fun to watch so many different kinds of people, squished together for 3 minutes at a time, then to never see each other again.

In SoHo, I just happened to run into one of my FAVORITE furniture stores,
Design Within Reach.
It was a surprise that made me scream and ask permission to sit in and take pictures of beautiful furniture I will only imagine having.

This is part of the magnificent view inside the Guggenheim Museum. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the fabulous structure, obviously intentionally designed for a cohesive space in which one is able to view art and share that experience with other viewers around them. I wish I could give you a video going around and up and down the circular path inside the building, you will just have to go see it for yourself! Being inside this museum was one of the times I felt thankful that I am able to enjoy art and have been exposed to some of it's world.

When in New York, you also at times, are required to be a tourist.
This happened to be the day in the city that the subway flooded and we walked miles in unplanned shoes. It was hotter than any day of my summer in kansas city. mmm mmm.

The first Macy's which takes up an entire block, and every floor is used for retail.
(this is for you, grandma barbara!)

I am so thankful for the art department I get to call home, and for the kind teachers who plan trips like these, trips that remind you why you are doing what you are.

After NY, I was able to spend one more week in KC- to soak up enough humidity for the next year, to be fortunate enough to see my dear friends move into their new home, and say some good byes for now.
My kind father and I then drove west, only making a one hour detour out of the way into Colorado instead of Wyoming, when we were more worried about a policeperson on our side, than we were about taking the correct exit.

Here is the steady Idaho sky I saw an hour away from Nampa. From one desert to another.

Friday, August 10

live from new york, it is friday night

I have not been doing my part in our conversation this past week, I am sorry.I want to thank you, my friends and family for reading and responding and keeping in touch through this wonderful thing called the internet.
I guess my tardiness is due to the stressful ending of my internship. Projects that I wanted to completely finish before I left were taking longer and there were a lot of "final duties", but more than that I was feeling sad and overwhelmed that it was all ending. You know, questioning if I had done all that I could have and wondering if I appreciated it enough while in it. I think I lived in the moment and it felt great. I have been out of town the past couple of days and it feels weird not being in kansas and missouri.

but i have been in a great place...new york city! I am here with the art department from NNU on an art history tour. it is wonderful. i have been taking photos of course but forgot my cord, so pictures to come. Similar to how I felt after traveling to Europe last summer, it has been incredible to see that art is not just a hobby that an "artsy" person chooses to take on, but a vital, important part of culture. We have been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (which was incredible, I have to go back to see the rest), the Frick Collection, which is a mansion of a family who accumulated a vast amount of work from 12th century alter pieces to Van Eck, Rembrandt and Whistler. It is rewarding to see pieces in their greatness after seeing them in inches in history books. Also my wonderful art history, drawing and painting teacher Amanda, who is leading the trip had her new york artist friend take us around Chelsea, New York, to lots of independent galleries. That has maybe been the most exciting outing yet, seeing contemporary art as it is happening and having people to discuss it with! I want to get back and make things right now!

We can choose what we do with our evenings and meals and there have been many savory restaurants we have stumbled upon...tonight was sushi!

I don't have much wit or pondered conclusions to write of, but I am having a blessed week and wanted to say hello to you my friends.

ps-I found out minimum wage was raised to $5.85 in Nampa! even if it was forced, we're movin on up.

good night and good wishes

(thanks for your note uncle larry!)

Tuesday, July 31


The president and vice presidents of the publishing house take the interns out to lunch in shifts. Today was my day, and oh what a day it was! Before ordering they told us not to hold back, so I did not. This was the best restaurant meal I have had all summer.
To start my friend and I split crab and tomatillo-corn cakes, yellow tomato emulsion.
For my entree I ordered grilled beef tenderloin with roasted asparagus in a red wine demi glace and pommes william- which were these incredible potatoes with a fried outside shell in the shape of a pear. When you opened the pear, brie drizzled out! I wish I had a picture.
For dessert I had a lemon custard topped with raspberries.

When first trying meal, the president who I was sitting next to, told the rest of the table, "I think Kylee's getting saved all over again down here"

The art department had an afternoon tea for Adam, the other art intern, and me. My last day here is Friday. I am not looking forward to this ending. I can't believe how easy it was to feel like I belong here. I am thankful.

My friend Mandy was in kansas city on Saturday. Mandy and I had most design classes together at NNU and she and I went to Europe last summer on an art history tour. It felt like no time had passed, except now we were talking about design jobs instead of design homework. It was so fun to walk around town and equally enjoy stops like the paper source (the most incredible stationary store I have ever been inside)
Mandy graduated in the spring, so when we said good bye, it was so strange to think, there is no guaranteed next time to see each other. I have a feeling this will happen with many in the next couple of years. great.

Friday, July 27

a week of sorts

Twice this week I tried to water ski. Notice the word "tried". My friends were so patient and encouraging, and I probably tried to get up 50 times between the 2 days. Wow, that sounds ridiculous.
I have never been winter skiing and I dislike roller skating and ice skating because I either end up on the railing like a baby or "friends" take my hand and drag me around on the rink, while I'm praying I don't knock my teeth out. So the fact that I couldn't get up on the skis for more than 2 seconds before falling over wasn't that surprising, but I really wanted to get it. After my second evening of pursuit on the lake, we passed a girl who looked 4 years of age, gliding along effortlessly on her skis- my desire to achieve this awkward task increased.
Surprisingly enough, you are still incredibly sore the next day whether you ski across the entire lake, or fall 50 times. Boy am I feeling that everywhere!
I write to tell you this because, all week I envisioned a post on this blog, exclaiming my accomplishment with a picture to prove it. I can't really do that yet, but I wonder if I needed to admit my weakness before I could flaunt my athletic ability or simply, balance.
I'm going out to try again Monday, we shall see!

Earlier this week, I was called in by the book people. Very nice people, some of my favorite here at nph. They started by saying "now, you did everything we asked you to but, "
then started the running of my nervous thoughts. They continued to explain that they really liked the book cover I did for them, but after further editing of the content and showing the author, they realized the cover was too happy and light. The subtitle is "staying on course through life's changing circumstances" and I learned that the majority of the writing is from the perspective of being in a place you really don't want to be, but trusting God to get you through.
One of the editors saw my first cover (see previous post for image) as the blindfolded bird as being stuck, not knowing where to turn, but they have this internal compass guiding them. That is mostly what it was meant to suggest. The other editors and the author however saw the cover saying "well, I'll just walk blindly by faith and everything will be okay".
They said they needed the new cover in 4 days because stores need images for online sales. I was up for the new challenge but felt rushed in such a short time.
I write all of this, not to complain but explain why you won't be seeing the previous cover after all and to tell how much I learned from this experience of really working for your client.

For those who care to read more, one more story of the week-
Wednesday afternoon I was walking out to my car to head to the lake to attempt to ski. I didn't make it to the lake that day. I realized I left my keys in my friend's car while out on a donut run. (reason #20 not to eat donuts) Five minutes go by and I remember my brilliant dad, who knows my tendencies, put an emergency key in a hidden box underneath my car! After finding that, I went to start my car, and it would start for about three seconds and then quit. Some nice co-workers grabbed their spark plugs to help me, and they didn't work. 3 other nice co-workers wanted to try their spark plugs and they didn't work! 7 o'clock and the tow truck arrived. The past two days the mechanics can not figure out what is wrong. So I'm preparing myself for a huge bill or not having a car. Well, my dad called the mechanics today when I couldn't really understand what they were talking about. After they talked a while, they figured out that the key I was using was the spare key.
The spare key only unlocks the doors to the car, and isn't made to start the car.
and I thought the water skiing inability sounded ridiculous.
Thank you men at work for attempting to help!
Sorry mom and dad about the towing and worrying!
Thank you Todd and Melissa for loaning a vehicle!
Well, it won't happen again!

After I have been honest, and you have read, I wish you a happy weekend.
Tomorrow I will work some, my friend Mandy from college will be in town and we will have lunch, then in the evening I will view some MLB! I have tickets to watch the Kansas City Royals lose to the Texas Rangers.

my friend travis was kind enough to share his opinion and some questions about my previous post. I will respond in the comments section of that post if you wish to read.

Wednesday, July 25

magic markers still exist

There is an assumption that the computer has taken over the art world. While the use of the computer has provided many advances in art and about everything else, I have seen that the old skills of hands and mind are still essential in making art. For this I am glad.
At NNU, the art department views the computer as a wonderful tool but believes that simply knowing the computer and memorizing functions does not make one a graphic artist. Because of this view I have been exposed to many mediums and many ideas. It is so enjoyable to blend a few different techniques into one piece.

I was reminded of the elementary forms of art still being used today at work. Below is a picture of my office neighbor Rick, who yes, is drawing with magic marker and highlighters on paper plates.

Monday, July 23

the hulls (and all their married names) had a reunion

wonderful aunt aarlie

For the first time I flew to visit my family, then when vacation was over, I flew back home, to a place that isn't the boise airport. a weird feeling. not a bad feeling, just new.

My great grandparents Lee and Reeda Hull died a few years ago. It's okay, it was time, but while they were on earth, they sure did a great job. Of a lot of things I am sure. One of the greatest contributions I believe they made was instilling love in their children and the understanding of the importance of passing on that love to others.

cousins kylee, kaylee and kallee are named for great grandpa lee, along with about 16 others having lee somewhere in their name.

From my first November to my 16th, Lee and Reeda and her siblings who were still living, and all of Lee and Reeda's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would meet for a wonderful thanksgiving meal. Every year, every one was responsible to bring their designated dish, so the consistent tastes have become essential to the proper thanksgiving in my mind. Every year my grandpa Jerry or great uncle Larry (great uncle sounds so old, he's not that old), who are twins by sight but not personality, would organize a sharing time, so that at least for that day of the year we could connect as family.

papa jerry and great-uncle larry

This was always one of my favorite days of the year. Because of schedules and I'm sure many reasons, thanksgiving doesn't happen like that anymore. We still have that sharing time, it just looks a little different. It's a lot of sharing in 4 days to last 2 years!
This year the reunion was at Paul and Roxie's in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Beautiful AND has humid-clear Northwest air! Thanks to another very generous great uncle (thank you Norman!) I was able to fly west for the weekend and attend. It was such a gift. I am so glad almost everyone was able to come.

Some highlights of our time include:

-cousin Macalister making up songs for us to dance to on the trampoline, such as "I want to be a pine cone, pine cone"
-wonderful food.especially the thai/indian night with frozen sorbet following, el salvador coffee, and the sandwich gorging after the long bike ride
-did i say bike ride? yes not 14 miles on a one speed, as I was told, but 17 miles! which feels a lots longer when you're expecting 14 and your legs just can't push any faster. But what a beautiful ride!

mom and cousin david
-speaking of bicycles, my cousin David (mostly his wife, cousin Laurie) GAVE me a beautiful original orange schwinn bicycle! Painted on the side is the name, "the collegiate"-so fitting for my last year of undergraduate which is quickly approaching.

-I enjoyed being around cousin Cole very much. In the above picture we are playing a game. he is the only one in the cat lovers line, while everyone else stands with the dogs.

-cousins Sam and Levi taught me how to calmly hold a wild bird. i'm so country now. wyoming roommates would be proud
-playing 'up and down the river' and being reminded of how cousin heather makes me laugh

-successfully making my favorite salad in bulk and for the first time. Melissa's wonderful poppy seed, almond, strawberry, mandarin salad.

cousins beau and bethany
-you know when someone understands you or what you're trying to say and you don't have to explain what you usually would? cousin Beth did that for me. i love her.

-our nightly devotional time followed by game time. i was surrounded by wise, interesting, dedicated people.
-most of all i am very thankful for the conversations I had with the 40 family members present.It was an honor to hear what they have been doing and who they have continue to become.

cousins olivia, kaylee, gentry and sister kadyn around the nightly camp fire.

Feeling close to home made me miss all of my Nampa family.(oregon too!)
I hope all of you, my loved ones are having a fantastic summer.

Wednesday, July 18

fish are jumping and the cotton is high

I am realizing there are two kinds of summers. Well three. Two common types of summers as you are transitioning into adulthood.
There's of course the summer of a child in a pool, with a couple weeks of camp, mosquitos and the constant smell of barbecue. The carefree summer of a child is where the ideal of summer comes from. But headed towards reality I am realizing there were two common kinds of summers.
One that is planned as a dream of relaxation with no responsibility. A summer where you take a job as a part-time barista and clean a couple of classrooms- the bare minimum, because this is your summer, your time, a break. About three weeks into this kind of summer you become disgusted with boredom, daytime television and the walls of your house. You long for things to need to get done, routine, tasks, a role to fill that consists of more than pouring steamed milk over two shots. You tell yourself to soak it up, thinking 'I'll miss this', but really the kiddie pool summer now feels a little cramped.
There's another kind of summer. One where you apply, audition, pay for and hope for that ambitious opportunity. Because that is what it would look like to take advantage of all that this speedy world has to offer. Right? But a couple weeks into the 12 hour a day sports camp, honors classes that cram a year's worth of content into a month and a 1/2 or in my past case, traveling to a different town each day promoting a school you forgot you actually attended and not only sold. These summers seem more draining than rewarding- until the end when you look back. But would you go do it all over again? And you decide to sign up the next year, because why not? Why not stretch yourself? You're supposed to do something. Achieve something. Or maybe you think of the alternative and you feel less guilty choosing the latter.
Is this what summer has become? Is this what rodeo cheering, fair riding, crickets listening, ice cream truck running, lemonade sipping summer has become?
I thought so. I unknowingly narrowed summer down into these two options.
Then there is this other kind of summer. A time when you're not thinking about what would be better. A time you're not thinking about what is over there, someone else's position, or what comes next.
Because you want to be right where you are. A place where you're discovering you really do enjoy and are able to do what you've decided to do. A time when you would be okay with extending the weeks some. A summer with people around you who love so well. A summer when you're learning because you want to. A summer that even includes of couple of evenings of boating, when you can't help but smile because of how beautiful it is. A summer you know won't happen this way again. A summer you want to freeze. A summer I am blessed to call mine, for right now.

Tuesday, July 17

i went to st. louis

It is funny how close cities are to cities when you go further east. So close that you venture out on these things called "day trips" that seem great, easy, doable- until you're on your way home, alone, and really just want to sleep. 4 hours to St. Louis from Kansas City is a lot nicer than the 7 hours from Nampa to Portland, but now after making the drive, I do not recommend making both trips in the same day.

I am glad I went. My brother, Cody was in St. Louis for the Nazarene Youth Conference held every four years. It was very fun spending the day with him and seeing he and his friends had grown up. A fun transition to see, which seemed to happen fast.

Here Cody and I are standing next to the foot I designed for the publishing house's exhibit. All of the 16 different feet were this tall. The security was so tight (which is probably a good thing), so people from work had to sneak me in.

For your enjoyment, I will tell you a short story about the drive there.
I had been helping Idaho's reputation all morning by not driving slowly and not cutting people off...until I stopped in Jefferson City to get gas. I chose a gas station having a sale. So did 5 million other drivers. After getting a snack, I quickly ran back to my car and started driving away, so the line of cars behind me could get their chance. I made it about 8 feet, then I felt a forceful pull. What could that be? I turned to look in my mirrors and saw that I had forgotten to put my gas pump back in it's holster. And I had managed to pull the entire hose out of it's place and I now had the pump and hose dragging with my car.
So much for quickly helping out the fellow drivers at the gas station, so much for helping Idaho drivers' reputation, so much for not feeling like a fool.
I then returned the pump (what could I really do with it), apologized and made my way back to the interstate.
thank you, thank you very much

On the drive home that evening, there was lightning to keep me awake and God and I had a great time. All in all a good saturday in st. louis.

Wednesday, July 11

true north

Finally, here is the book cover.
The subtitle is "staying on course through life's changing circumstances".
The last week or so we were going over colors, there were many options. I initially thought these colors were too cold, but with the migrating bird concept, it should look cold over warm, and the author talks about her experience of many changes while being in Alaska, so the editors decided on the blues and this is the final cover. I really enjoyed the whole process and having my client be the author and the editors. The editors I worked with are wonderful and gave me a lot of freedom.

Speaking of book covers, yesterday a few of us were asked to help my friend Chad in a photo shoot for a book he's working on about the growing church. The only instruction I had was to hold my hand out in this position, and he would later do some photoshop work and "it would all make sense". (I was NOT holding the gun, nor will I ever)
This morning when I showed up to work, he thought he was pretty funny. He said the expression called for a weapon.
Thankfully, there is a different version he is working on!

Monday, July 9

a summer sunday

a day filled with a fabulous sunday school lesson, barbecue brisket, glow in the dark mini-golf, oreo blizzards, teaching minors poker, and boating at sunset with 80s tunes blaring, makes me wonder what I ever complained about.

Here are some pictures of boating with the Fryes.

Here Logan and I are on the beautiful lake where we go boating. I'm usually working when the real sun is out, so I'm still the pale self everyone is used to, not to worry.

Watching new friend Scott wake board. He is the first I have met that could give my mom a run for her money in knowing 70s and 80s pop/rock.

Brennan is so brave, when we go tubing together he wants to go faster than I

look at that.

Melissa and I singing the parts but maybe not the right words to the music.
What a good summer.

Here is Landen with his two cousins, my new friends, Grace and Ben on this great 3 man couch like tube. Though willing to take part in the adventure, I enjoyed sitting and supporting the daring yesterday. They did awesome.

When Brennan saw my car from across the parking lot, without taking a breath, concerned, he asked, "kylee, your car broken?" So yes, the missing hubcap is enough to cause concern for three year olds.

Tell me about your weekend!

Friday, July 6

an ode to one of the most influential in my life.

Today my favorite professor, Jonathan Bouw stopped in Kansas City to have breakfast with Brandon, JR and I. (Brandon and JR work at NPH full time and studied under Jonathan at NNU). He and his family are moving to Indiana where he will change the art department at Taylor University-similar to the wonderful work he did at NNU for 10 years.

What a passionate, truly caring and loving, funny, genuine man of God. I am a designer today because of him and his influence. His teaching was phenomenal and as students we could see the validity in what he was teaching by our changed view of the beauty in the world around us. After the guys and I dropped him off, we were thinking about the gift we were given of knowing him, we don't even know the extent of that blessing.

I wanted to share the great time and hard good bye of today. To a friend and teacher who deserves many thanks.

(the book cover still has changes to be made, I will post it next week)

Tuesday, July 3

a good start

This morning I woke up early thinking I would get an early, efficient start. As I was walking outside, (feeling sore after wrestling with a seven year old stronger than I for two hours last night), I noticed something.

What do you know, my front left hub cap is missing! I checked the others, and they didn't seem to be loose. I don't think anyone would want to steal the shiny rims my dad graciously gave me, but wouldn't I have heard it falling off? It looks bad.

After I treated myself to an uplifting double shot raspberry white mocha (light flavor), I felt embarrassed getting out of my car. But really, should it matter?

Oh let me be humbled with my ugly tire-d car.
(hopefully only for a couple days)

i will be ready to show the book cover tomorrow, I am finalizing the type.

Here are a couple more pictures of some of my intern friends. Unfortunately, they start leaving next week. What great girls.

Friday, June 29

there is also rain

Not drastic rain, rain you are still able to be positive about, and say "oh the land really needed this rain" but still the kind of rain that makes you clench your jaw when walking across the street, the rain you plan on having a bad hair day with.

Similar to the weather here the last couple of days, I have for the first time in this internship felt the struggle. How good for me, I know. I hit the kind of wall that I am still able to be positive about and say " in order to produce good work, effort and time is required and sometimes you must conquer something that you before did not know how to handle." But it's still the kind of struggle where I doubt my ability, wonder why it's not turning out as great as it looks like it should in my head, and the kind of doubt that makes me want to listen to a sermon while working more than music.

Some rain that is a good change of pace, but requires shoes other than heels (which I tried yesterday)

The new iPhone comes out this evening. I decided to wait until they're cheaper, but I am going to go join my friend Todd in line and experience the new mac magic.

happy friday

Tuesday, June 26


I walked into church last night for a women's bible study. I wish I could say I anticipated the best, but I didn't, I was apprehensive with new people in a semi-new place. I was put in my place, it is the same Bible and same God we are studying! The hour was full of rich scripture and discussion and learning. I was blessed to be able to go and now I won't have to wait to be involved in a study until I go back to Idaho.

We studied Rahab, who is an incredible woman. (The woman who protected the Israelites when spying in Jericho and later she and her family were saved when the rest of the city was destroyed) I used to view her simply as someone who God used, but after studying the scripture more, I learned that part of her story is her incredible faith that surpassed all expectations in her culture. And to then know that she was the great, great grandmother of David, in the lineage of Christ?! God's grace is incredible.
I don't know if you share this in a blog or not but I really enjoyed viewing this story in a new way.

I am feeling the pressure to get these book covers finished, not simply finished but to also know that I did the best work I was able to.

To motivate my walks AWAY from the vending machine at break times I have put up a reminder on my monitor. You may view below. The pink note reads,
" i eat too much " - there's no sugar coating when talking to one self.

Sunday, June 24

summer lovin of sorts

I want to say thank you all for reading and replying, it's really nice to be able to correspond some with people I love.

The past couple of days at work have been filled with an intern think tank meeting. The directors asked the interns to brainstorm on what we think the church needs. That's a big question, and they left it at that, hoping the freedom of the project would let our creativity run wild. The 16 of us all working in different departments, took the Myers Briggs personality test and then we were split up into groups. We were told to come up with a couple campaigns we were passionate about that NPH could then market and produce. I really enjoy discussions like this, although we had never worked together before, so you have almost strangers discussing a subject they are very passionate about but with differing opinions. We surprisingly came up with a couple ideas that we agreed on.

The proposed project I am most excited about is material that would provide the structure and topic material for inter-generational small groups. I have experienced the wonderful benefits of a class at church at home that had inter-generational groups discussing and learning together, and it was encouraging to know that other college students from different places also see that connection as a true need in church today. We will present to the board of the publishing house Wednesday.

But I am ready to get back to my book cover now!

I once again am so thankful for my summer here. I have gotten to know a few interns pretty well. I am continually surprised at how much has been provided while being here. I was even sad when one of my intern friends, Emily left for the weekend. Already? I thank the Lord, He knows how meaningful connection is to me, and I have had many wonderful people to connect with in only three weeks. And not to forget to mention, my wonderful friends, the Fryes made their move to Kansas this weekend, and how great to be with all of them, I felt like I was at home, swiming and playing games immediately. I have been given much more than I deserve.

I hope summer lovin for all of my friends.

Wednesday, June 20


" joy shared is double joy
sorrow shared is half sorrow "

- a swedish proverb a friend has always shared with me and one i wish to share with my friends

Tuesday, June 19

here is the foot

(the white isn't part of the design, this image is too small to see all, but the 3rd toe is paisley and the pinky toe is leopard)

well this specific job was interesting. I am working within Barefoot Ministry's existing logo, which is the black, and they asked me to make it feminine. One problem I have with this is that their logo is a foot print and they wanted me to design the top of a foot in that shape. But I did what they asked right? This 8 ft. foot along with 10 others, will be on display at the Nazarene Youth Conference next month. I'll have my brother go give it a massage while he's there.
I had a great meeting with the editors today and will post the 2 concepts to decide between when they are further developed.

thank you stacey for your experience and help with toe fashion!

Monday, June 18

the intern

I am in a carpool with three people who work at the publishing house. They are very nice to invite me to join, so far I have been picked up for work at 6:45 and I have a half hour to chat some and wake up before work.

Well this week is my week to drive. The pressure is on. What must they feel? "Okay, the intern is going to drive us, not in a mini van but in a dodge neon, I hope we make it to work"? I feel fully confident in driving myself through a city with many interstate changes, but taking people who have made this drive themselves for at least ten years and who just met me a week and a half ago? We'll see if they show up back at the car this afternoon! They are very kind to oblige.

Friday afternoon I was given a new task. I am probably most excited about this one. I will be designing a book cover for beacon hill press, the branch of this publishing house that hires authors and sells books on amazon and at barnes and noble. It is so fun to read parts of this book and try to think of all the ways to represent what this author is wanting to share. I recently went to a book store and realized how often I pick a book up because of the design. I am aware of the responsibility I hold, but am also thrilled to work on this. The book is titled- "True North : Staying on Course through Life's Changing Circumstance", (what a fitting subject at this point in my life!)
Tomorrow I meet with the editors to discuss the concepts I have. I will post progress later and maybe we can do a vote.
Thank you for reading.
I miss you all in your different places this summer

Sunday, June 17

oh happy day for fathers

My dad always played games with me, we had our own version of Clue before my problem solving skills were ready for the real thing. He coached my sports teams even when we knew I wasn't very good.

Papa Jerry is someone I want to be like. He has waited for me to learn things, cheered me on while I'm getting there, and loves me in the mean time. I like how he is a friend to his friends and how he devotes time to growth and prayer.

Pop or Papa Johnny has taken time to be interested in what his grandkids are interested in and has taught me how to achieve a goal, even when starting at the very bottom.

Papa Too, my great grandpa Lee, taught me how to spell M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-crooked letter, crooked letter-I-humpback-humpback-I = mississippi.

thank you to devoted men.

Friday, June 15


i envy this room for two reasons.
1) the colors are incredible, the almost gradient that is created with the different shades of each color, organized so well on those great shelves, mmm
2) who has time to read all of these books? maybe they're cardboard. either way, looks good

On my eighth day of work I have now found a comfortable routine, but one that does not get old, I am given new projects daily. I have decided how to explain one of the reasons this internship is so helpful.
I am being given many different kinds of projects. By doing ads, packaging, prep for printing, book covers, and 8 ft canvas feet:), I am being exposed to these different avenues which helps me decide as a student what to focus on, what I might be better or worse at, and I don't think I would ever be bored with this variety. I am fortunate, with the size of NPH, it is big enough to have many different kinds of jobs and always have incoming clients and projects, but small enough that the designers aren't stuck working for one client, but on many projects at one time. This makes in-house design look attractive compared to freelance, all the business and taxes are taken care of, you simply do the art; and there are great people around to collaborate with. I am truly being exposed to what it's like to be a designer, not a "go fetch" girl, I appreciate that. Worried that this is boring to read, I'll be finished with that talk for today...that's what I am thinking about!

Oh but how weekends are still something to look forward to... and in a few days some of my dear friends are moving to the area. what a great summer.

Thursday, June 14

2012 olympics logo released

80% of the voters who responded to the logo through BBC disapproved of the next olympic's logo. Many say it is hard to read "2012" and it looks like a disintegrated map of London. The designers who were paid $80,000 to create the logo say they were going for a modern influence and at least didn't put a union jack in the logo.

Anyway this is what I find interesting! What do you think? can you believe the ammount of money for this project and then the response from the public? you can read more from the washington post.

p.s. I had steak tonight!

Wednesday, June 13

more about my new home

I am beginning to feel the humidity pain that everyone talks about being part of the mid west. Other than that, I am impressed with every part of kansas city. Last night I tried some custard which I found out was basically spectacular ice cream.

Today I received a project of working on an 8 ft. foot that will be on display at the Nazarene Youth Conference this summer for the publishing house's youth department called "Barefoot Ministry". There are several feet being made and I am designing the "feminine" one. It will be fun to design each toe differently, but a challenge to produce nice looking skin that will be 8FT! I called my friend who gets a weekly pedicure for some advice. I am picturing the holiday decals both of my grandmas used to get on their nails, maybe I won't go as far as the jack-o-lantern or snow man.

One of the hardest parts of being away from Nampa is missing a Wednesday night meeting with my dear friends at church. What a blessing those evenings are with rich prayer, learning and planning. I can still pray, just in a different seat.

Off to think about toes.
Below there are more pictures and one of my projects.

This is a book cover I did that went through final stages to be approved today.
It is a children's musical book. They asked for it to look like kids without an image of a child or a generic praise image. Thinking through the concept of a project is my favorite part and I was surprised they gave me a job where I had complete freedom to that, already.

This is my favorite place at work- the courtyard. Look at that space!
It is so peaceful to sit and listen outside or talk to a friend.

This is the work room when formatting your projects
to send to be proofed. The resources for the artists here are wonderful.

I found a coffee shop! I go about every other day
during the morning break. Yesterday I tried the almond
roca americano with steamed milk on top. They have the
same garage doors as flying m.

My friends Brandon and Kristen who both work
at the publishing house have shown me around the city
and have been so nice to include me in much of their summer fun.

Here are some of my friends on lunch break
at the filling station. I had a great salmon club
and blue cheese walnut salad. The four girls
all go or went to Olivet Nazarene in Chicago.

my first day was the annual NPH picnic. (hard first day I know)
The theme was hoedown to mirror the Vacation Bible School theme
this summer called "tumbleweed gulch". The interns were the chosen
ones to represent different departments in a relay. The art department
came in third.

Brandon, JR and I sent this to our professor
on our first day. (bandannas from the hoedown)