Wednesday, July 25

magic markers still exist

There is an assumption that the computer has taken over the art world. While the use of the computer has provided many advances in art and about everything else, I have seen that the old skills of hands and mind are still essential in making art. For this I am glad.
At NNU, the art department views the computer as a wonderful tool but believes that simply knowing the computer and memorizing functions does not make one a graphic artist. Because of this view I have been exposed to many mediums and many ideas. It is so enjoyable to blend a few different techniques into one piece.

I was reminded of the elementary forms of art still being used today at work. Below is a picture of my office neighbor Rick, who yes, is drawing with magic marker and highlighters on paper plates.


travis said...

love the markers. and nnu's stance is interesting to me. to say that someone with exceptional computer skills does not make him an artist is a fairly bold statement. i guess my follow up question is, what constitutes an artist? would nnu say that a person skilled at, say, pen and ink (a tool, as is a computer) is also not a graphic artist? i feel like pinning down the computer as a sort of cheat-sheet tool thereby making it less valid than other media, is a tricky thing. not that i openly disagree, but just something that made me think.

oh, and i hope you're doing well, and all that other stuff. brandon says your work so far has been great.

kylee said...

First, I appologize for quoting the art dept. at NNU, they might wish to phrase differently. What I wrote was my view on what I have learned while at school and my professors have expressed similar statements.
I said "simply knowing the computer and memorizing functions does not make one a graphic artist..."
I believe if a person knows the computer and memorizes every possible photoshop function but has no practice or teaching of hierarchy, typography (if type is included), history of design, compostion etc.. then it is likely they will be limited in their artistic ablility to produce strong design.
They might be hired, and could get by but I don't know how successful or catching their work would be without knowing why art is art in other mediums.
I do not view the computer as a "cheat-sheet tool", the computer has changed graphic design and the occupation in incredible ways!but there was graphic design with rubber and wax before computers.

thanks for making me think travis! i really think you have great design skills and great computer skills and I hope we have more fun conversations like these when we're both back home.

travis said...

kylee, thanks for responding to my comment. i like what you have to say. i have struggle a lot with what it means to be an artist. it's interesting to think that if someone was to consider a master of a tool (as say rembrandt was) an artist, what is to stop people from saying that the worlds greatest fisherman is an artist. he has all the classic elements: the theory, the history, the practice, the process, and the product. i really hope you don't think i was trying to criticize what you were saying. i just want to open that can of worms really badly, because i am tired of people throwing around the term 'artist'; saying that any top 40 pop singer is an artist. that frustrates me. and i think that there is something intrinsic in the desire and struggle within the individual that makes a person qualify for the label artist. i don't know, perhaps i am just ranting entirely too much. or maybe i'm just arrogant and think too hard about this.
but i feel that there is something different between the person who has a design shaped mind and the person who has simply has done his homework and learned everything that you need to know. even though i more than likely fall into the later type. we should dialog about this next time we get together. i'll be thinking about it. take care, friend.

travis said...

(by no means am i saying that i have learned everything there is to know, rather that i may be good at the tricks, but have a lacking of true artistic talent)