Tuesday, April 29

i'm feeling more fast train than slow motion

I'm so tired.
physically. mentally. emotionally
but blogs aren't meant for complaining
and the thing is, i will miss this so much.
with 6 days to go, i sit in the mac lab with an extension from security. I have bothered those guys so much over the past 4 years, today I called and asked them if for my last late night I could stay late. thank you

one thing I won't miss = survey classes. I enjoy being informed and learning of other disciplines, but when as much information is crammed as possible into a short ammount of time, the purpose seems wrong. I feel tested over cramming ability instead of interest, investment or knowledge. So one post-grad challenge that I am excited about will be to read something like de Toqueville's Democracy of America, to grasp content and perspective instead of an American History textbook.
(tonight I was compiling Modern Europe notes, can you tell?)

Melissa sent me a copy of The Shack! I was anxious to read, hearing so much about this book. I thought I would be able to wait until school was out to read it, but what perfect timing for the content! I am half way through. And I really appreciate how the novel is written, it is a blessing to read about our God portrayed like He is in the book.

While I am preparing for the move out east (at least further east), I am appreciating the little and big things about our gem, the treasure valley. I think in each post until I move, I will conclude with "a piece of the treasure". nah. we'll just call it. "Idaho Pick of the Post". yes.

today's Idaho Pick of the Post will be...wow there are so many great things.

the acceptable dance party.

I was exposed to the dance party I am speaking of, my last year of high school. Chad, Marc and I were invited to join in the dancing at a house show given by the wonderful Jensens. This untrained but whatever you feel dancing intimidated me at first, especially in a living room. But the great music made me move and once you start it feels completely natural. It is one of the happiest times. A couple New Years Eves ago this dancing went on for an hour and a half, led by Diana, and was the best ringing in of a new year. I don't know if I will have new friends in my new place who also love this kind of expression and love the kind of music that goes along so well- so I think fondly of these experiences as a unique part of home. This last Saturday was one of my favorite times of this activity, the Very Most, led by Jeremy Jensen held their cd release party in a grand hall fit for the kicking off of shows and the dancing was perfect.
thanks idaho.

ps- my brother asked a nice girl to prom! this is crazy and the first for my house of origin. we are all probably too proud, but that will not stop us from taking pictures, sorry cody.

Thursday, April 24

God is good.

all the time. really.
and i want to be better at proclaiming this, more on the normal days.

but today wasn't normal. or maybe it was full of things that are normal, but that are also great, and maybe that's what made it special.

with not much sleep I awoke and made my way home (art building) to work on the portfolio. The seniors then had investiture (or harry potter chapel as we like to call it because of the march with the mase, the sometimes velvet robes and Ponsford looking like Dumbledore). This was the first time this graduating thing seemed real, and somewhat sad. but nice. Wow those caps are sure awkward.
THEN we set off to the art lounge where professor Bouw was waiting, in town from Indiana! You forget how much you care about someone, well not really but sometimes you're reminded why you indeed care about someone, when you are with them. and it was so great to gather in the lounge and be with our professor and friend who belongs here and has been such a grand part of our career here.

Later Mike, Bodo, Bouw and I left for Boise to go to the Invasion show. First, we stopped at flying m and met some friends who graduated last year from the art department. What a nice time to feel at home in yet another setting and conversation. I was encouraged with talk about work and grad school and the after school life from friends who have gone through the exact same stages and who understand.

The show was wonderful! The Invasion is very intentional and energized with tight transitions and syncopation. Aaron Brown led with great vocals better than some girls in range and Nate Hanson had some great solos. Dancing was necessary. With loving people all around the room and a needed break I was smiling thanking God for today.

I am assured of my chosen practice in a time when it is being tested and reminded of a hobby that I love that brings people together and makes one dance.

Tuesday, April 22

oh this stressfulll feeling that i'll eventually miss

tonight I will attempt an all-nighter.
i have had this problem, with not being okay with my portfolio, thinking about all of the things that could be different. the thing I am realizing, is that most things are that way and always could be improved, especially in art. In most areas, I am better at being content with the present, but not with the portfolio. The success is up to me!
I will be done, settled, whatever you may call it, by tomorrow morning, so here we go.

Thank you Katie for asking about that darned compass math proficiency test I needed to be able to graduate.
Well tomorrow, I am participating in Investiture chapel, cap and gown and all!
I finally passed! 5 tries later, but the wait granted me hugs from all of the registrar ladies waiting for me to pass the thing!

Tomorrow one of my favorite professors who moved last summer, is coming to visit! He is coming to view the senior designers' portfolio show. We are excited, as he was the primary educator in the skills we now hold to make a career out of, and is such a great person.

I still look forward to posting show pictures, and will after this madness!

Speaking of madness, my friends The Invasion, will play at the Big Easy tomorrow night, releasing,How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Madness. They are very good, compared to the sounds of Radiohead, Rufus Wainwright and Queen, but that's not the only reason to like it.
AND this will be my first show to receive Xs on my hands instead of a wristband! though my new age will only be granting me Xs and nothing else tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17

today is thursday. tomorrow is math day.

That's right, we do see that dreaded math outside of Mrs. Decloss' high school classroom. She told me with that confident smirk that it would happen. "Math is needed and it is everywhere!" Well, here it is six years later. I have to pass the compass test tomorrow in order to graduate in a couple of weeks. Today a kind, other-brained student tutored me in college algebra and I think by being reminded of those long ago formulas, it will be possible to pass tomorrow.
Eww, enough space given to math. (sorry if it's your love, reader. But if math is your love I am curious to hear, why? really)

Pictures of the show are being comprised from 3 different cameras and the next post will hold them, promise.

I am stressed. I posted last December about procrastination and how it would never happen again. Well we all knew that would be hard. It has hit, but a different kind of procrastination. I was indeed working the entire semester, it's just that the last month was only show work and no general education work. These next two weeks will be hard, but possible.

Since living in Kansas last summer, I have planned to move there after graduation. With that time rapidly approaching I am getting anxious. I am excited to move and at the same time sad but thankful to leave the great things that make this Idaho home. I do not yet have a job and can't focus on that as much as I want until I get this college thing finished. I will work thoroughly to complete my portfolio, start sending it out in a couple of weeks and head for Kansas in the beginning of July. I will live with my precious friends for a month and every day go searching for that job. After, I will hopefully have a place and can settle down. I am open to alternatives if the search is sour in this present market, and I am praying that I will be sensitive to God while planing and moving, but being the dreamer I am, I am planing on a sweet not sour search and finding.

There is an update on plans and worries and hopes. But for tonight I choose to clean, study and get a good night's rest to wake up as secretary, student and friend tomorrow.

and happy birthday to the wonderful charles waters bryan the third.

thanks be to God for the sunshine and beauty today.
(even if tomorrow we drop 20 again.)

Monday, April 14

Thursday, April 10

thank you

I wasn't going to post until I had pictures ready to accompany, but I just needed to write to say thank you to you my friends for supporting me & the things I care about. From afar with messages and calls and from all of you who attended the show reception, I received your love and I was spoiled to be able to be surrounded by such great people all night. I am glad everyone mingled, ate and talked for some time.

It was ironic and nice to hear footsteps and laughter and greeting inside the "house". My friend said initially she wanted to shh people for talking loudly while observing art, but then thought, well they're comfortable in the home and that's a good thing!

I didn't know what to expect for a critique of the work, and was honestly nervous because I had been around the work so long, I had no idea what fresh eyes would see. I was thankful to hear different interpretations of the installation. Although I made the work with reason and specific symbolism in mind, the purpose of creating the home was to invite the viewer to think of home, whatever that is for them.

I learned so much from the entire process and needed to create something that could reflect my experience in the fine art classes I have taken in the last four years. Crazy how fast it all is going by.

One of my best friends, Melissa came from kansas for the show and I am so thankful she will be here for a great de-stressing weekend.

It was also very nice of my grandma suzy, pop and aunt karla to come from portland.

thank you all.

Monday, April 7

move in day

on saturday we installed the show! I had six generous friends join me for donuts at 6 am to load walls into Brad's trailor and caravan to NNU.
Brad is the fabulous framer who built the walls I designed to be the structure for the show. Without his skills I don't know if this would all be possible. Thank you Brad!
The other fine gents who used their muscles this day were dave w.,dad, papa Jerry, peter j., chris & reed. I felt so helpless holding the camera while these guys were honestly flipping walls over the awkward Brandt Center staircase. The structure was installed faster than expected because of the mighty strength and I have spent all following hours in the gallery piecing the home together. (until tonight)

I am pleased with the progress but I think I have been thinking about this and looking at it too long to fairly judge.

Last night Shaun, Reed and Tori kept me company and were wonderful puppeteers.
I am off to sleep. Oh how I've missed it so. I hope to see you who are able, Wednesday!

6-9, Wednesday 4.9.08
Freisen Galleries
Brandt Center

Wednesday, April 2

i've been looking like i'm working on the railroad

I have been working. Learning of a lot of potential problems. Trying to solve them. Trying to stay warm in the shop. Trying to be positive at 2am. Thankful for helpful friends who hold up boards while I draw & make brownies. and very excited for a few days from now!

(thanks tori!)

My time is very limited but I wanted to update with progress but not too much information to spoil.
I am headed back to the shop...happy wednesday