Monday, January 19

my 1.75 year old friend points and says "there's Bobama. Bobama's nose"

In a youtube address president-elect Obama recognized the country's concern, worry and tired minds. 

One of the statements he made was, (memory quote/unofficial) "Parents are worried that their children will not receive the same kind of opportunity they did" 

While I will trust and hope and contribute what I can and while I'm not giving up yet, this was scary to hear. Growing up I remember hearing many stories of children fulfilling dreams their parents couldn't have considered, from education to professional equal opportunities. 

This was just the first time I had heard it backwards. I hope we will do all that we can to turn it around before we say to our kids "When I was your age, it was expected to go to college".

I much prefer hearing my grandparents' and now parents' stories or their treacherous marching through a mile of snow to the bus stop, oh wait there were no buses, it was horse and buggy, or no transportation at all, and did I say one mile? I meant eight.

Thank you Martin Luther King Jr. for progression of necessary things. May we try to follow.

Monday, January 12

please come visit the new living room arrangement! and if you would like, read a completely different focused post below

a friend told me he realized one of the major differences between us.
He said I hold on and he doesn't and that maybe I hold on too much.

We got started on this topic by discussing long distance communication
and its benefits and joys
( my opinion )
and its unnecessary frusteration
( his opinion )

I have enjoyed thinking about this the past week. I have landed where I started. Whether I hold on too much or just enough or too little, I will continue with my habit. I count it a blessing to meet and then choose to share life with loving people I have had the chance to come in contact with.
thank you for letting me hold on. I am blessed.

Thursday, January 1

should old acquaintance be forgot

my friend is kind of slow with pictures from kansas so those will come later... but for now a list.
a loose list, but full of thought and hope.

a movie with my brother every two weeks

five letters written and sent each week. not just thought and agreed upon but licked, stamped and dropped.

work out. I know, long shot. but I am not treating my body how it should be treated. and after looking at the J. Crew catalog with Kaysha tonight (as unimportant as it may sound) I want to be able to tuck a shirt into trousers how I used to.

cook 2-3 meals a week.

keep up with my planner that I already inserted birthdays into.

put some medium of art from one of my many scattered inspirations onto paper each week.

apply and follow up contact at least five design jobs before march.

help my grandma create a cookbook

become more comfortable with the habit of prayer. because I am so blessed when I let myself. and even if I don't feel like it, God asked me to talk with him.

here's the thing, I want to be a disciplined person, I think about it all the time. I could keep listing all the things that if accomplished would qualify me as such, but I am going to take one thing at a time. And the purpose can't be "to be disciplined" but because I believe in the act I am participating in. So I'll read a book because I want to become informed about that subject. Or I'll write Bethany because I want to remind her I love her.

I'm going to add the action to the always present thought.

A cup of new years' kindness to you. what do you hope for now?