Monday, January 12

please come visit the new living room arrangement! and if you would like, read a completely different focused post below

a friend told me he realized one of the major differences between us.
He said I hold on and he doesn't and that maybe I hold on too much.

We got started on this topic by discussing long distance communication
and its benefits and joys
( my opinion )
and its unnecessary frusteration
( his opinion )

I have enjoyed thinking about this the past week. I have landed where I started. Whether I hold on too much or just enough or too little, I will continue with my habit. I count it a blessing to meet and then choose to share life with loving people I have had the chance to come in contact with.
thank you for letting me hold on. I am blessed.

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jeffrey greene said...

I am so happy that you subscribe to this philosophy. I cherish our friendship, even though it is distant and is still ours.