Thursday, December 31

My new years eve.

We (spondee) are playing at an lds young singles party at bsu tonight.

Right now a third eye blindish band is loving the waa (sp.?) pedal.
And I am looking over my notes.

Accuracy first right?

It snowed so much today and yesterday!

Here is my glass raised to a better next year!

I would like endless file cabinets

I am cleaning my room. So that I may enjoy my room. And so that if my roommate happens to leave beautiful handmade Christmas gifts on my pillow while I am out of town, the gifts will feel safe and like they may belong in such a room and there will be space for them besides on my pillow.

I secretly enjoy cleaning my room once I give in to the daunting task. The pile atop my nightstand is the "really important must deal with soon or find a special spot for or don't bend!" pile. As you can see it keeps growing and it is becoming scarier and scarier to place items upon nightstand. This is the time of night where I lose momentum and get tired and want to quit but there are organized piles all over my bed.

I want shelves hanging from the ceiling and the most careful card and important paper saver and endless file cabinets.

Many will call this hints of pack rat syndrome but there are grey potential projects covering the floor! And I know I just happen to be blessed with really nice memories and most of these objects help me to not forget.

Here's to round 2!

Friday, December 25

A merry Christmas update continued

Christ is born!

As I was previously recalling the last few months,
Carly was a beautiful bride

We dressed up in the decade of our origin for her bachelorette party!

I had the privilege of continuing our project runway tradition by viewing an episode weekly with these ladies!

I painted a couple nurseries!

On thanksgiving my dad and sister wanted to share a congratulations to our cousin Delaney on her tenth year anniversary of being a vegetarian!

My uncle Larry and aunt Aarlie cane to town, so we had to have dessert by candle light at grandma Barbara's.

I gave finals for the first time.

We pulled out test dividers, borrowed from 5th grade.

I guess it really took a lot out of them.

Through a crazy few months, I remain blessed by the life I have been given. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18

I wish you a merry Christmas

I hope you friends are well as the holiday is sneaking. I am on an airplane sitting next to nice non-talkers and close to a frustrated baby. This break to celebrate Christmas will be appreciated, but this bored feeling is so new, as just an hour ago I was running back and forth to the gate, forgetting my phone at security and giving a (genuine) sad face to the attendants telling me I would be bumped (they eventually let me board). I wouldn't have made it without loving Lindsey and kaysha helping me pack, make take/leave decisions and reminding me why I love nampa. And I am very thankful to co-worker Marilyn who I maybe talk to once every other month who took me to get gas when I ran out a mile away from work this morning.

As it feels as though I was dropped into confined boredness aboard the plane, (vastly different from my last few weeks)- I will show you some highlights from the last few months.

I was of course sad to move out of the home of these dears,

And this dude,

And this fella

And even this lady,

And Justin who declines most photos.

But look at my new place!

I'm so lucky to have the roommates I do.



( Liesel- Kit)

We painted!

Noah helped! He's skilled at cutting in. The day we finished, and that does not include touch-up, we had friends over to enjoy some music.

With Child (below), Two Girls and Spondee (the band in which I play keyboard) filled the small space for the night! And only one neighbor complained.

Beautiful Carly married Mike!