Friday, December 25

A merry Christmas update continued

Christ is born!

As I was previously recalling the last few months,
Carly was a beautiful bride

We dressed up in the decade of our origin for her bachelorette party!

I had the privilege of continuing our project runway tradition by viewing an episode weekly with these ladies!

I painted a couple nurseries!

On thanksgiving my dad and sister wanted to share a congratulations to our cousin Delaney on her tenth year anniversary of being a vegetarian!

My uncle Larry and aunt Aarlie cane to town, so we had to have dessert by candle light at grandma Barbara's.

I gave finals for the first time.

We pulled out test dividers, borrowed from 5th grade.

I guess it really took a lot out of them.

Through a crazy few months, I remain blessed by the life I have been given. Merry Christmas!


The Funny Farm said...

Yes! I love a word from Kylee! Merriest of Christmas' to you my dear! The nurseries are GORGEOUS, STUNNING, & I want one! Love YOU! Miss YOU!

Jolleen said...

Those desk shield things are hilarious. I wish I had some. Way to go Teach! And I love the nurseries. And just the general phogoblogness of these two posts. Happy New Year!