Monday, July 28

you know that dumb song.

the one that fourteen people have covered, "don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got till it's gone..." (shoo, bop, bop, bop) comes later in Amy Grant's version.

I dislike what this song says because it's implying that we don't appreciate anything while we have it...which I have been guilty of at times. so, for a few years I have tried as much as possible to enjoy every thing in the moment, because as we all know paradise could one day be paved into a parking lot.

And I have no regrets for the soaking up of the treasure valley that took place before I left. But there was one thing I didn't know to prepare myself for. The Boise Anthropologie is run so much better than the Kansas City store! Which, if I was shopping, I could deal with, but I am working, and right now, this is my only work, so the awareness is heightened. I won't complain much longer, but I do want to congratulate the Boise store for the way they run things, the kind, efficient people who work there, the incredible "up to code" status, the cleanliness, the organization & layout, the duties divided, the art team, the relaxed atmosphere that still gets things accomplished, etc... They have got it going on.

And a small portion of that fond memory could be that the store is in fact in Boise, and I keep waiting for my friend and her lovely daughter to walk in, or I think I see my grandma perusing the homewares, then I realize I am in a different place.

Not to worry, I have had some fun at this new store, I just wanted to give Amy Grant, and the actual writer of that song, and the slew of other coverers a tally on their side. This time I didn't know what I had until it was gone.

Wednesday, July 23


I finished my portfolio. It is now in the hands (digitally speaking) of some trusty critiquers and tomorrow, will be in the hands of strangers, from who I am, in a way, begging for a life. I have slowly been getting over this odd transition- going from a small, known, safe, motivating, encouraging art department who knows what you are capable of and asks you to participate, to a new city full of design, but no one making sure I am one of the ones contributing or giving me a job. That last sentence was not supposed to be full of gloom! Well, we shall see what happens after the true pursuit. It has been good for me to become aware of how important the motivation behind creating something is. I still enjoy design, and right now that is enough.

Part of me, well a lot of me was worried about how I would continue learning, now being out of school. I am planning on graduate school, but I was told to get some experience and decide what narrow part of creating I love, before I go spend money and time. But the idea of being removed from a learning environment where you are stimulated by the knowledge and minds around you is frightening to me. My entire life, through school or with people I met through school, I have gradually been stepping deeper and deeper into different disciplines, exposed to new ideas and old ideas and the discussion of those things. And now, do I have to stop? I won't have assigned reading or discussion boards or questioning in class.

BUT! What I am offered is a choice to continue that on my own. Taking the advice of a friend, I want to take a liberal arts approach to living and learning. Without homework in the evenings, I can use that time to read books of contemporary art and the creation of a pretty typeface. But not just that! Just as I could take a theology class and a welfare policy class amidst my art classes during my undergrad, I can read other things I know little about, but that will inform me and challenge me in a different way! After this non-fiction I am currently reading, I could read books about food, maybe Ron Paul's book about the constitution and how that can shape our today, or the background on Orthodoxy, or that book on the origin and meaning of Haikus that my friend read.

And not only will I attempt for my reading to follow a liberal arts way of thinking, but I hope in meeting new people (a fitting time for this), I will try to learn about the passions and pursuits of others, because there is probably something to learn from the reasons they have chosen to live and that makes them who they are.

As I was thinking about this, I realized I am surrounded by so many thinkers and learners. I am so grateful for you, and I am excited to hear about what you think as you read and experience and live.

Tuesday, July 15

less of a good thing etc...

This was yesterday's lunch. Smaaaaall portions. Melissa and I, as of Monday, are counting calories. woo-hoo. I absolutely love my food. A perfect day to me is great food with great talk, so this counting and awareness is quite the change. But now knowing that a heath blizzard (which I would gladly run and get once one of my roommates was also craving one last year) is 1/2 of the calories we are supposed to have in a whole day (!), I now know how unhealthy I am and this discipline will be a good thing. I think I will eat carefully throughout the day, saving room for dinner, the great reward. I now understand the concept and people's attachment to diet soda. I was looking on the lable last night after I had filled the daily quota,and diet coke is zero everything! I have no idea what the 12 ounces do consist of, but I don't really want to know for another week or so. (oh and if I do well for 6 days, Sunday will be a day of rest, seconds, blizzard and all.)

I am reading the New Kings of Non Fiction, compiled and introduced by Ira Glass. It is wonderful. If you have listened to Glass' radio show, This American Life, then you are familiar with his tone and what he finds important in a story or report. It is so enjoyable and informative to read these short stories or excerpts from essays from some of Glass' favorite contemporary authors who interview the true person behind some commonly known and some uncommon stories. In the introduction, Glass celebrates,

"There's a cheerful embracing of life in this kind of journalism, and a curiosity about the world... It's the pleasure of discovery, the pleasure of trying to make sense of the world."

My good friend Todd spoke at a church in a nearby suburb this last Sunday evening. I tagged along and was surprised and impressed to be a part of such a genuine, seeking church for the evening. Although numbers of a congregation do not tell the value of a church, I was simply surprised that 600+ young adults kept walking into the sanctuary on a summer Sunday evening in the middle of a residential area. They wanted to be there. It was a joy to be a part of the worship and meet some very kind people. I have become so skeptical of the drive of post-modern churches, but it was evident they were there to serve the Creator.

Brennan, my 4-year old friend I am living with and am so thankful to be re-united with told me yesterday when he was frusterated that no one would play the game he wanted, in a very sure, confident voice that "Kylee, I have all my fault, all your fault, and my mom's fault, and Landen's fault, and everybody in the world's fault!" I said "That is so nice of you to take that for me!" and we played something else. This is another cute stage, when they know all words, but not exactly all the common phrases or how to pair them together.

I finally get my first shift at the Kansas City Anthropologie tomorrow, I am babysitting for some church people Friday morning, working on freelance projects and working on my portfolio....and enjoying summer. Although I technically don't get those ever again.

happy July!

Karla, hi! Please take Kadyn to visit Chris at Spicer Bros. while she is in Portland this week! and enjoy a nectarine for me, on the house...and speaking of produce, I now know how to properly cut a pineapple

Thursday, July 10

oh the heat is so heavy

but I'll take it over that 7 month cold wind.

Well it's almost been two weeks. It went by fast. I feel a lot of pressure as a designer, just realizing how persistent and impressive I need to be in a quiet non-hiring season. But I also have new inspiration to be good now, to give them great work now- not just enough to get a job. I am so grateful that art and design still inspires me to create, not only to make a living. Although, I very much dislike that I need a job in a competitive field in order to survive. I would love to go back to school. Anyway, I thought I should catch you up on that since that is what we do after college. I made a large graph on butcher paper of all of the places I would like to work and the details concerning them. Butcher paper always helps relieve some stress.

The 4th, though a while ago was one of the nicest of days. It began with a scooter ride on a coolER day, with Kristin to retrieve some of the best hummus I have had at Jerusalem Cafe. We were almost smashed, but I did not scream. I then headed to a day-long barbecue at the Frye's in Olathe, filled with Rook, great food, croquet, strawberry shortcake on the porch, and wonderful, stimulating conversation from a unique mix of friends, and friends of friends, and acquaintances. I am continually encouraged when I meet people who consistently seek to grow in knowledge and in a quality of living. The table was filled with artists of all kind, passionate about their field and excited to hear about another's. A pleasant and peaceful holiday.
(Though I heard I missed even my grandparents climbing to the roof of Student Development for the viewing of fireworks- darn.)

I am now living with the Fryes for the rest of the summer search and it is wonderful! We are catching up, cooking, playing, enjoying...and Brennan (4) comes to wake me in the morning so we may share cereal together.

I haven't been to a coffee shop for a week. I am relieved that my pretty much daily habits were habits of taste and community, not of a caffeine addiction. (I've only had one cup of drip and a couple glasses of tea at home this week.)

AND I won in Nerts tonight.

Thursday, July 3

did i mention

I have no allergies in kansas/missouri?! sooo nice. come visit me here and I will be able to look you in the eye, not have kleenexes on the floor of my car, and will not sound like kermit. hey, in fact, my car is entirely clean right now, able to fit four others, so come on over.

here are some pics from the cross country craze n' da camry.

Idaho needs some of these. pretty. They are so big, they look like they could come alive and take on the power ranger thing- you know when they all morphed together?

back seat while not driving...letting my mom and her friend,stacy sing abba together.

on the plaza.

here are keys I gave to my mom to deliver to people in Idaho. That was so sad. My key ring went from 13 to 1, and that one (car key) even changed. The day before I left I put 4 keys under the keyboard at the charter school, that was the saddest. (they have been picked up, you can't go steal them) Man, one of the hardest parts of this move, is not the new, bring on the new, that is exciting, not scary. I just can't get over losing the old. I want to need the keys to the school, the art department, my dorm, my friends' houses I house sit. That's the sad part.
Kristin who I am living with right now, who is getting her masters in counseling, came back from taking a test tonight and said that I am in my differentiation or individuation stage. Alright!

Brandon got me a freelance job to work on before I have a full-time design gig. What a blessing.I will be designing a school crest.

Happy fourth, make sure to give in and eat a hot dog or 3 (like me), sing at least one patriotic tune ( like me in the car), and paint your toe-nails red (like me, out of character, but for my country who is in shambles)

peace be with you.

Wednesday, July 2

part-time down, full-time to come

we had the neatest storm here tonight! It sounded like the world was covered in butcher paper and the paper was crumpled up. and the lightning stays in sky for an extended time here. This rain causes the humidity to just weigh down on you, it's incredible the difference in the meaning "hot" in Boise and KC. Other weather news, Chris says Portland has been covered in smoke due to fires down south. Sorry to the smoke and sorry to the fires.

part-time = I walked into Anthropologie on Monday and talked with the manager about transfering from the Boise store. Instead of her having to check to see if they have room or asking my old manager questions, she was appologetic that she hadn't been notified of this before and said I could start next week. Official transfering was done after that, but I am so thankful that it was that simple. She introduced me to the people working at that time, who seemed very friendly and reminded me of the great people in Boise. This is such a blessing. As much as I would enjoy having a summer catching up with friends here, my prospective financial situation is beginning to scare me, thank you part-time. This part-time will allow me to look and interview for design jobs during the week as well. My friend Brandon is a designer who graduated from NNU and has been in the field here for three years, he is giving me the tips of where and where not to go.

Speaking of Brandon, he and his wife Kristin are hosting me this week on the plaza. It is so fun, we have cooked, designed, played dr. mario, and they dragged me to Wanted, which is not my kind of movie, but it is so extreme, some parts were funny. Next week I will move in with the Fryes for the rest of the summer!

There are my plans and events thus far. I ran into another acquaintance at the deli today, I am thankful for the irony.

As much as I prepped myself for this move and tried to grieve my goodbyes while they were happening, this still feels strange and hard. But I can already see what I am beginning to learn.
Full speed ahead!