Wednesday, July 2

part-time down, full-time to come

we had the neatest storm here tonight! It sounded like the world was covered in butcher paper and the paper was crumpled up. and the lightning stays in sky for an extended time here. This rain causes the humidity to just weigh down on you, it's incredible the difference in the meaning "hot" in Boise and KC. Other weather news, Chris says Portland has been covered in smoke due to fires down south. Sorry to the smoke and sorry to the fires.

part-time = I walked into Anthropologie on Monday and talked with the manager about transfering from the Boise store. Instead of her having to check to see if they have room or asking my old manager questions, she was appologetic that she hadn't been notified of this before and said I could start next week. Official transfering was done after that, but I am so thankful that it was that simple. She introduced me to the people working at that time, who seemed very friendly and reminded me of the great people in Boise. This is such a blessing. As much as I would enjoy having a summer catching up with friends here, my prospective financial situation is beginning to scare me, thank you part-time. This part-time will allow me to look and interview for design jobs during the week as well. My friend Brandon is a designer who graduated from NNU and has been in the field here for three years, he is giving me the tips of where and where not to go.

Speaking of Brandon, he and his wife Kristin are hosting me this week on the plaza. It is so fun, we have cooked, designed, played dr. mario, and they dragged me to Wanted, which is not my kind of movie, but it is so extreme, some parts were funny. Next week I will move in with the Fryes for the rest of the summer!

There are my plans and events thus far. I ran into another acquaintance at the deli today, I am thankful for the irony.

As much as I prepped myself for this move and tried to grieve my goodbyes while they were happening, this still feels strange and hard. But I can already see what I am beginning to learn.
Full speed ahead!


Jamie and Trevor said...

Ky- we are super excited for you as you begin this new chapter. In related news, we may be in KC in the fall to visit my sister at Mid America. We would LOVE to see you and catch up!

Anonymous said...

yea, the new john mayer was one of my topics to blog about. go figure