Thursday, July 10

oh the heat is so heavy

but I'll take it over that 7 month cold wind.

Well it's almost been two weeks. It went by fast. I feel a lot of pressure as a designer, just realizing how persistent and impressive I need to be in a quiet non-hiring season. But I also have new inspiration to be good now, to give them great work now- not just enough to get a job. I am so grateful that art and design still inspires me to create, not only to make a living. Although, I very much dislike that I need a job in a competitive field in order to survive. I would love to go back to school. Anyway, I thought I should catch you up on that since that is what we do after college. I made a large graph on butcher paper of all of the places I would like to work and the details concerning them. Butcher paper always helps relieve some stress.

The 4th, though a while ago was one of the nicest of days. It began with a scooter ride on a coolER day, with Kristin to retrieve some of the best hummus I have had at Jerusalem Cafe. We were almost smashed, but I did not scream. I then headed to a day-long barbecue at the Frye's in Olathe, filled with Rook, great food, croquet, strawberry shortcake on the porch, and wonderful, stimulating conversation from a unique mix of friends, and friends of friends, and acquaintances. I am continually encouraged when I meet people who consistently seek to grow in knowledge and in a quality of living. The table was filled with artists of all kind, passionate about their field and excited to hear about another's. A pleasant and peaceful holiday.
(Though I heard I missed even my grandparents climbing to the roof of Student Development for the viewing of fireworks- darn.)

I am now living with the Fryes for the rest of the summer search and it is wonderful! We are catching up, cooking, playing, enjoying...and Brennan (4) comes to wake me in the morning so we may share cereal together.

I haven't been to a coffee shop for a week. I am relieved that my pretty much daily habits were habits of taste and community, not of a caffeine addiction. (I've only had one cup of drip and a couple glasses of tea at home this week.)

AND I won in Nerts tonight.


katie wilson said...

you look good on a scoot Ky!
hope Kansas is treating you well...

i am Ryan said...

glad you're having a good time kylee. and I wouldn't worry about the job, you are a good designer and someone will see that and want you.