Tuesday, July 15

less of a good thing etc...

This was yesterday's lunch. Smaaaaall portions. Melissa and I, as of Monday, are counting calories. woo-hoo. I absolutely love my food. A perfect day to me is great food with great talk, so this counting and awareness is quite the change. But now knowing that a heath blizzard (which I would gladly run and get once one of my roommates was also craving one last year) is 1/2 of the calories we are supposed to have in a whole day (!), I now know how unhealthy I am and this discipline will be a good thing. I think I will eat carefully throughout the day, saving room for dinner, the great reward. I now understand the concept and people's attachment to diet soda. I was looking on the lable last night after I had filled the daily quota,and diet coke is zero everything! I have no idea what the 12 ounces do consist of, but I don't really want to know for another week or so. (oh and if I do well for 6 days, Sunday will be a day of rest, seconds, blizzard and all.)

I am reading the New Kings of Non Fiction, compiled and introduced by Ira Glass. It is wonderful. If you have listened to Glass' radio show, This American Life, then you are familiar with his tone and what he finds important in a story or report. It is so enjoyable and informative to read these short stories or excerpts from essays from some of Glass' favorite contemporary authors who interview the true person behind some commonly known and some uncommon stories. In the introduction, Glass celebrates,

"There's a cheerful embracing of life in this kind of journalism, and a curiosity about the world... It's the pleasure of discovery, the pleasure of trying to make sense of the world."

My good friend Todd spoke at a church in a nearby suburb this last Sunday evening. I tagged along and was surprised and impressed to be a part of such a genuine, seeking church for the evening. Although numbers of a congregation do not tell the value of a church, I was simply surprised that 600+ young adults kept walking into the sanctuary on a summer Sunday evening in the middle of a residential area. They wanted to be there. It was a joy to be a part of the worship and meet some very kind people. I have become so skeptical of the drive of post-modern churches, but it was evident they were there to serve the Creator.

Brennan, my 4-year old friend I am living with and am so thankful to be re-united with told me yesterday when he was frusterated that no one would play the game he wanted, in a very sure, confident voice that "Kylee, I have all my fault, all your fault, and my mom's fault, and Landen's fault, and everybody in the world's fault!" I said "That is so nice of you to take that for me!" and we played something else. This is another cute stage, when they know all words, but not exactly all the common phrases or how to pair them together.

I finally get my first shift at the Kansas City Anthropologie tomorrow, I am babysitting for some church people Friday morning, working on freelance projects and working on my portfolio....and enjoying summer. Although I technically don't get those ever again.

happy July!

Karla, hi! Please take Kadyn to visit Chris at Spicer Bros. while she is in Portland this week! and enjoy a nectarine for me, on the house...and speaking of produce, I now know how to properly cut a pineapple


shaun said...

The other 12 ounces consist of cancer. Hope I didn't ruin it for you, but you know what else is zero everything? water, and its even free much of the time. Glad to hear good things.

katie wilson said...

funny girl. glad Kansas is well so far!

bethany said...

too bad you didn't get spru - that would've kept you skinny (just like grandma 2!). ;)
so proud of you healthy girl...
you still haven't gotten back to me about august - will you be around??? hope so!

i am Ryan said...

thanks for the heads up, but I will still be here. I don't go back til the 21st or 22nd. guess I'm gonna have to stay square.

i am Ryan said...

how's this going for you?