Thursday, July 3

did i mention

I have no allergies in kansas/missouri?! sooo nice. come visit me here and I will be able to look you in the eye, not have kleenexes on the floor of my car, and will not sound like kermit. hey, in fact, my car is entirely clean right now, able to fit four others, so come on over.

here are some pics from the cross country craze n' da camry.

Idaho needs some of these. pretty. They are so big, they look like they could come alive and take on the power ranger thing- you know when they all morphed together?

back seat while not driving...letting my mom and her friend,stacy sing abba together.

on the plaza.

here are keys I gave to my mom to deliver to people in Idaho. That was so sad. My key ring went from 13 to 1, and that one (car key) even changed. The day before I left I put 4 keys under the keyboard at the charter school, that was the saddest. (they have been picked up, you can't go steal them) Man, one of the hardest parts of this move, is not the new, bring on the new, that is exciting, not scary. I just can't get over losing the old. I want to need the keys to the school, the art department, my dorm, my friends' houses I house sit. That's the sad part.
Kristin who I am living with right now, who is getting her masters in counseling, came back from taking a test tonight and said that I am in my differentiation or individuation stage. Alright!

Brandon got me a freelance job to work on before I have a full-time design gig. What a blessing.I will be designing a school crest.

Happy fourth, make sure to give in and eat a hot dog or 3 (like me), sing at least one patriotic tune ( like me in the car), and paint your toe-nails red (like me, out of character, but for my country who is in shambles)

peace be with you.


shaun said...

Weird, I always had allergies in California, but haven't had any since moving to Nampa. What is the differentiation stage? and what comes next?

deb said...

You'd better share the crest with us after you wow your client! :)

Kristin said...

Differentiation stage is separating yourself from your family and developing your independence. Creating a strong sense of self apart from your family roles.

Next stage is New Couple System - meaning marriage. Who's ready????

i am Ryan said...

I'm not.

Glad to see patriotism has reached new levels with the ceremonial painting of toe nails. Maybe I should do that too. It certainly would be a statement.

tori said...

Yay and hooray for new hope and excitement, no allergies, and a new Kansas job! caleb saw his first firefly the other day. they are truly a delight.

developing a school crest is quite the shiz! i wish you could have designed my school crest. what would you do for the NC trojans?

miss you and i'm so glad i get to see you in august!

reed said...

all those gold keys

katie wilson said...

no allergies??!!!!!! i don't even know what i would do. breathe, maybe.

hope you are doing well, friend. soo glad you got a job at Anthro - what a blessing.

love you gal!