Monday, July 28

you know that dumb song.

the one that fourteen people have covered, "don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got till it's gone..." (shoo, bop, bop, bop) comes later in Amy Grant's version.

I dislike what this song says because it's implying that we don't appreciate anything while we have it...which I have been guilty of at times. so, for a few years I have tried as much as possible to enjoy every thing in the moment, because as we all know paradise could one day be paved into a parking lot.

And I have no regrets for the soaking up of the treasure valley that took place before I left. But there was one thing I didn't know to prepare myself for. The Boise Anthropologie is run so much better than the Kansas City store! Which, if I was shopping, I could deal with, but I am working, and right now, this is my only work, so the awareness is heightened. I won't complain much longer, but I do want to congratulate the Boise store for the way they run things, the kind, efficient people who work there, the incredible "up to code" status, the cleanliness, the organization & layout, the duties divided, the art team, the relaxed atmosphere that still gets things accomplished, etc... They have got it going on.

And a small portion of that fond memory could be that the store is in fact in Boise, and I keep waiting for my friend and her lovely daughter to walk in, or I think I see my grandma perusing the homewares, then I realize I am in a different place.

Not to worry, I have had some fun at this new store, I just wanted to give Amy Grant, and the actual writer of that song, and the slew of other coverers a tally on their side. This time I didn't know what I had until it was gone.

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shaun said...

Joni Mitchell wrote it, and there does seem to me to be a sad truth to the words, but yeah, we should try to appreciate the here and now at all times.