Friday, August 1

okay okay

(in reference to the previous post)
4 days later and 4 shifts later, I really enjoy my temporary job. And that is probably good, realizing it may have to be more than temporary. I am thankful. The qualities I praised the Boise store for, still stand, but I appreciate the Kansas City store for new reasons. I enjoy many of the people I work with, I now have a grasp on how they run things and this seems small, but I was trained at the cash register! I have practiced scanning items since I was 4 with my fisher price shopping cart, it is my favorite zone to work. I left Nampa and Boise where I routinely interacted with around 10 groups of people, and these ladies at Anthropologie have become a new group, sort of a community- I see them 4-5 times a week. And I am thankful for the familiarity.

I am now at a LatteLand. A local coffee shop around the corner from work. I have had maybe 5 espresso drinks in a whole month, but when lifestyle permits, this will be more regular, now that I found a new flying m. The aesthetics are not the same, I cannot call 5 baristas close friends, and this is not called Jesus-Land, as the Nampa Flying M was sometimes referred to as Jesus-M. I think this nickname came from the heavy protestant/Nazarene/LDS crowd who frequent flying M. I loved this because this meant catching up with a few friends each visit and often times sharing biscotti with my grandparents, but I don't mind the non-Jesus LatteLand one bit. I was actually taught a lesson. Upon my first visit, it looked like the girl making my drink would take a while to warm up to me. I assumed. I was corrected. She was very friendly and asked all about Boise. I assumed someone would be judging me, and really I was the only one judging. The next time I came in, one of the baristas asked "So why did you move here from Utah?" I did correct him, not wanting to be from Utah, but close enough.

Design firms are not really hiring, but I will follow up with all of them this week. I am trying my hardest to be okay with the unknown. And I have the truest blessing of friends I will continue living with until September.

I enjoy hearing from all of you and hope we may all enjoy the end of summer.


Chris Spicer said...

I've never heard it called the Jesus-M, but that's a fairly appropriate nickname. I can't remember a time going in when i didn't know someone working or just stopping by for coffee. But that's why I love it! I can't do that here in Oregon.

Speaking of part-time, you think the Jesus-M would accept an application from someone with OMC training? I might not be scene enough...

kylee said...

Nathan told Brittan he didn't really fit the mold! But it's worth a shot. Make sure to put your local/organic produce experience on your resume, that is impressive...and now we have college degrees! Just send me a picture of your outfit before you walk in.

deb said...

Glad things are improving at Anthro... you've got to appreciate your co-workers if you're going to be happy at work. And sometimes that's just means an attitude change (thanks for the reminder!).

Diana Shafer said...

Chris Chris Chris
I am disappointed in your choice of words and lack of self esteem. Scene enough? Does your future roommate employed by Jesus M look scene enough? I'm confused! Are you talking about the cut off shorts, the thick beards, the tattoos, the hobo garb, the lavishly layered tops, or the extraordinarily normal jeans and tees? Are you talking about the democrats for Obama or the Republican interns? The ones who like Neil Diamond or the ones who like college radio? If everyone at Jesus M is "scene" then that must describe every teen through 30 something in our town. I find the employees refreshingly diverse and there are so many great unique qualities in each one.
(This comment is completely in fun and to remind everyone not to stereotype. Please don't avoid me the next time you come in Chris. And you are hire-able material for them so it never hurts to try.)
Now, my comment to Kylee.
Dear Kylee
I wish I kept up with blog reading. Every time I stop by, I'm inspired but then I just forget to check back. At least I enjoy what I can catch.
I forgot to share the news like I said I would. I'm sorry! I will see you soon too, and I'm excited!
I'll start with this and fill in the rest at the wedding. I'm going to be a business owner. It's going to be called The White Pine and it's going to be taking place of Sparrow. I'm going to carry lots of great clothes for men and women and even shoes!
So I'll see you in a few days. Have a safe trip.

Chris Spicer said...

To Diana: (maybe Kylee could notify the recipient)

I really appreciate your love for the diversity at Jesus M. I love it too! I've never felt unwelcome by an employee while visiting. My intent by using "scene" was mainly to do the same thing your comment did: to point out bad stereotypes people can sometimes have. If anything, The Jesus M is a great place to be seen, and not scene. I'll try not to avoid you next time I'm in.

shaun said...

This whole series of comments just became a fun conversation piece for us here. Diana was just giving us many examples of the diverse people who work there including listing the very "normal" people that work there. We then laughed at her for stereotyping normal.