Thursday, August 21

these days

I know so little.
I realize this is the stage one usually finds themselves in after college, but really, I know so very little.
I didn't see this one coming, with all of my effort to know at least some of all.

As you can draw from these words, I do not have much to write about.
I have been praying for God to make some decisions for me.
I am living a blessed life with little direction, but indeed blessed.

I saw 5 red leaves today. Where did the time go?


shaun said...

"Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes." I don't know who said that, but its true. Time just flies by these days, and it seems to be gaining momentum.

katie wilson said...

firstly, i'm praying for you. that God will make things often i just wish he would audibly talk to me? you know? it'd make things a whole lot easier :).

secondly, missed you at Fleet Foxes and Wilco - why didn't you come dear?

shaun said...

When Socrates was told he was the wisest man alive, he said, "how can that be, I don't know anything." He then realized that true wisdom lies in knowing that you know nothing.

I am paraphrasing this story quite a bit and probably don't remember it all right, but I think that is the jist of it, and I was just reminded of it by this blog.