Monday, September 22

sure, let's blog

After an incredible summer in the Kansas City area I wouldn't trade for the world, I am back in Idaho. I think it is temporary but am open to opportunity and what prayer leads. I am taking three classes at NNU where I am very blessed to have free education. These classes will better my chances at getting into some masters programs which I hope will be some of my next steps. I am continuing to learn. I want to be taught by our Lord and those around me.

These boys continuously teach me about honesty and growth and trust and love. It was one of the hardest things to leave them and their wonderful parents in Kansas. A long trip away is what I prefer to call it. They gave me a beautiful a summer.

I also joined a genuine, loving community at church and found a home for 40 hours each week at work with my dear friends.

I am now excited to be here at my other home, with other people I love. I am very blessed.
Thanks for giving me time to process everything.


bethany said...

girl - you rock wherever you are! hope all is well back in nampa...give my love to the whole famn damily. ;)

Casey, Janelle, Ella, and Hadley said...

So, lets get together for real. I live in Nampa, You are in Nampa. It could work. Do you still have my cell number?????

amanda cherie said...

im so glad things are working out for you here.
its great to see you around!
and hey!i just blogged :)
i will be trying to keep up with it from now on!