Friday, March 28

a good break

the usual speedy walk/gallop/tip toe to the bathroom after holding it during a movie took place this evening. two other ladies galloped even faster and I had to wait a minute or two. but while I was waiting, I was greeted with such a nice encounter. A new friend in line behind me smiled kindly. We then discussed that is was refreshing to see such a happy movie. The first word to describe the movies I usually enjoy watching, is 9 times out of 10, not "happy". But tonight it was, and that is what my neighbor and I appreciated. Kind of funny how the coming together to take a break from our lives to watch someone else's fictional one, can join strangers, and remind us that we're all okay.

Though, after this break I took tonight, I will go back to the painting jumpsuit and be perfectly content talking to myself about happy movies and other such things.

Oh and tomorrow the art department is suiting up to defeat the music department in the 1st annual kickball tournament! Yee-haw.

Tuesday, March 25

i am out of shape.

shock. i know.
i have been painting like mad and the entire right side of my body aches when taking just a step. nice. i'm okay with my body's response to work that i enjoy. & i got a jumpsuit to paint in every day to get in the zone immediately. it reminds me of a mexico missions trip our youth group took so long ago. Remember the jumpsuits in TJ travis?

Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to hang out with my friends' beautiful daughter who is almost 1. It is incredible to watch her think, process and communicate. With some cute dancing and head bobbing we shopped, had some gelato and saw the gibbons at the zoo. It was such a nice day.

While I was painting yesterday I stuck in the Shins most recent album, Wincing the Night Away.
I know I am a little late on this, but as it is sometimes hard to improve, grow and change, yet maintain the sound one is good at, when continuing to make albums, I do not believe the Shins struggled with this in this album. It is very pleasant album as a whole, the vocals were consistent with their old work, but I heard more variety and improvements with more of a full band, and it is simply nice to listen to.

Tonight we graduating designers will be critiqued by some Boise designers, black table cloths and all. So off to cut foam core! Pictures are coming soon

Friday, March 21

i need your help please.

If this sounds fun to you at all, I would be very thankful for your help as I am preparing for my art show.

What is your definition of home?
It can be as short or long, as simple or complex as you wish. These definitions will then be transfered onto paper that will eventually,when put all together, make a chandelier. Your names will not be attached, so do not be worried about that. You could post them or email them to me.
(thank you Beth for your great contribution)

With definitions from people around me, it makes the creating process more significant.
thank you!

This is a late picture of the supplies ready to be built into art. I am now further along, but I wrote that I would show you each step.

step 1 (minus countless sketches that are actually considered step 1)

Monday, March 17

the commercial part of me

is thankful for my year's turn at the robin's eggs.
and soon to come reeses eggs.
but no thank you, i'll pass on any sort of jelly bean.

Today I am able to work at my friend's boutique while she is on a buying trip. It is motivating to be in such a creative environment...but I am looking forward to tomorrow when I can get comfortable in the jumpsuit and paint until and after my arm is tired.

I am hearing of good adventures from canada, florida, portland & vegas from spring breaking friends, and just to let you know, Nampa is full of them too. We are doing just fine on this overcast day.

I hope all of you, my friends are having a good holy week, preparing ourselves for best part of Sunday.

Sunday, March 16

Friday, March 14

where i've been.

on my couch. though today i got up, went to screen printing and feel 60%.

i've been sick and i'm worried i've passed it on. i apologize if anyone must receive this dreadful influenza a. my friend kristin in kansas had the same thing at the same time, it's that bad. but who wants to read blogs about being sick. no one, just letting my recent fellow bloggers know where I have been.

I have decided instead of going to olympia with my dear roommates for spring break that I will stay in Nampa and work on my show the entire week. It will really pay off to be responsible on this one.

This afternoon, all senior design majors stood in the gallery, planning the details of our portfolio show. I'm already getting sad! I am so thankful for the time I have had in the always changing, always giving art department.
I am praying for discipline and sanity as I try to balance the completion of important tasks and the savoring of people.

Sunday, March 9

i bought real meat!

that would be two slabs (are they called slabs?) of top sirloin from the co op. (they care about quality)!

Steak is one of my very favorite foods.(if not THE favorite) and I really would love to be chef, so that whatever sounds good, I can make with healthy (most of the time) ingredients. I also look forward to being able to host company who also appreciate good food, and I will love the opportunity to make plates pretty.

This new role will not be fully realized until may, when I have more than 20 minutes in a meal time. But I will soon at least prepare some sirloin, and I will report back with the chosen glaze or topped reduction.

glaze? reduction? I have so much to learn.

2 weekend highlights:
-papa Jerry and I read some Kafka and Woolf, followed by grandma Barbara's waffles and bacon!
-a great time of taboo with reed, nate and i taking on chris and kristy. (they did okay)

full speed ahead on a very productive week!

Friday, March 7

welcome spring.

Although it has seemed long, I am thankful today and every day that winter isn't endless. or any season for that matter.
but especially winter.

and happy birthday to carlsbad!

go put on a short sleeved shirt