Friday, March 14

where i've been.

on my couch. though today i got up, went to screen printing and feel 60%.

i've been sick and i'm worried i've passed it on. i apologize if anyone must receive this dreadful influenza a. my friend kristin in kansas had the same thing at the same time, it's that bad. but who wants to read blogs about being sick. no one, just letting my recent fellow bloggers know where I have been.

I have decided instead of going to olympia with my dear roommates for spring break that I will stay in Nampa and work on my show the entire week. It will really pay off to be responsible on this one.

This afternoon, all senior design majors stood in the gallery, planning the details of our portfolio show. I'm already getting sad! I am so thankful for the time I have had in the always changing, always giving art department.
I am praying for discipline and sanity as I try to balance the completion of important tasks and the savoring of people.


travis said...

continue to wish you good luck on your show. also, don't worry, you probably didn't miss much in olympia, i mean, its no portland/seattle...

Anonymous said...

but you might as well take a couple of days to come to portland and/or seattle.