Tuesday, March 25

i am out of shape.

shock. i know.
i have been painting like mad and the entire right side of my body aches when taking just a step. nice. i'm okay with my body's response to work that i enjoy. & i got a jumpsuit to paint in every day to get in the zone immediately. it reminds me of a mexico missions trip our youth group took so long ago. Remember the jumpsuits in TJ travis?

Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to hang out with my friends' beautiful daughter who is almost 1. It is incredible to watch her think, process and communicate. With some cute dancing and head bobbing we shopped, had some gelato and saw the gibbons at the zoo. It was such a nice day.

While I was painting yesterday I stuck in the Shins most recent album, Wincing the Night Away.
I know I am a little late on this, but as it is sometimes hard to improve, grow and change, yet maintain the sound one is good at, when continuing to make albums, I do not believe the Shins struggled with this in this album. It is very pleasant album as a whole, the vocals were consistent with their old work, but I heard more variety and improvements with more of a full band, and it is simply nice to listen to.

Tonight we graduating designers will be critiqued by some Boise designers, black table cloths and all. So off to cut foam core! Pictures are coming soon


travis said...

good luck with the critique tonight. i hope it goes really well for you.

also, jumpsuits. how could i ever forget. we looked good. real good. i vaguely remember getting absurd name badges to put on them too. is that accurate? i can't really remember.

Stacey said...

I cannot wait to see the jumpsuit and the painted walls. I really enjoyed your portfolio-especially the baby food page.

Anonymous said...

i blogged!
If there's one thing you'd like for me to write out by hand or all of it--also what size, paper, pen...i'm thrilled to help--just help me help you :-]

the story is in the soil said...

after chillin' out max and relaxin' all cool last night...i realized how much i miss you. isn't it strange how we can sometimes know the definitive truth, but not understand the extent. i mean, clearly, i've missed you; and i've known that. but not to the extent that i realized. what a rude awakening...however, all of what we talked about back and forth last night, and you didn't fill me in on this little critique that happened the night before. shame on you. but i guess that i'll forgive you. and i can only picture you in that paint-stained jumpsuit, with a wife beater on underneathe...the arms tied around your waist...and you jammin' out to kriss-kross...you make me wanna jump. jump.

Smith said...

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