Sunday, March 9

i bought real meat!

that would be two slabs (are they called slabs?) of top sirloin from the co op. (they care about quality)!

Steak is one of my very favorite foods.(if not THE favorite) and I really would love to be chef, so that whatever sounds good, I can make with healthy (most of the time) ingredients. I also look forward to being able to host company who also appreciate good food, and I will love the opportunity to make plates pretty.

This new role will not be fully realized until may, when I have more than 20 minutes in a meal time. But I will soon at least prepare some sirloin, and I will report back with the chosen glaze or topped reduction.

glaze? reduction? I have so much to learn.

2 weekend highlights:
-papa Jerry and I read some Kafka and Woolf, followed by grandma Barbara's waffles and bacon!
-a great time of taboo with reed, nate and i taking on chris and kristy. (they did okay)

full speed ahead on a very productive week!


Reed said...

its a good pic, i think.

kylee said...

thanks, good photographer, i think.

i am from another time said...

real meat eh? i need to check out that co-op sometime.

bethany said...

so...where the fricker is all the pics of the sr. project??? i want to see them....miss you. love you. so...are you considering coming to live with us??
o.k., that is all...i am going to sleep now.

Nicole said...

kylee hi :-) i just found your blog and i like it lots :-) i just made myself a blog a couple days ago, so add me to your friends! :-)

wade said...

hey kylee, what do you mean by "real" meat? Don't tell me you've been buying tofu steaks before now...gross!!!

Anonymous said...