Friday, March 21

i need your help please.

If this sounds fun to you at all, I would be very thankful for your help as I am preparing for my art show.

What is your definition of home?
It can be as short or long, as simple or complex as you wish. These definitions will then be transfered onto paper that will eventually,when put all together, make a chandelier. Your names will not be attached, so do not be worried about that. You could post them or email them to me.
(thank you Beth for your great contribution)

With definitions from people around me, it makes the creating process more significant.
thank you!

This is a late picture of the supplies ready to be built into art. I am now further along, but I wrote that I would show you each step.

step 1 (minus countless sketches that are actually considered step 1)


Chris Spicer said...

It's good to hear from you! I hope you're having a great time preparing for the show. April 9th! I won't forget, I promise. I'm going to think a little about my definition of home and get back to you.

Powell's was fun. We probably spent just about an hour in there, and we could have spent more. I had a stack of about 7 books before we left and only bought one. Reed bought one too. The coolest book we saw though was sagmeister's design book. It is amazing.

Talk to you more later!

travis said...

i'd have to agree with emily dickinson. "Where thou art, that is home."

i am Ryan said...

for me, home is where I feel comfortable, no matter how I feel about myself or how I feel about other people, no matter who is around or isn't around, no matter what's happening or isn't happening.

by the way, if you need help with any of your construction before the show I would be glad to help if my schedule allows it, so feel free to ask and if I can I will. I know how important this is to you.

Anonymous said...

Home is a place where special memories are made and love abounds.


shaun said...

What a coincidence, I have actually been thinking about home quite a bit as of late, and even planned to write my next blog on the topic. Well, here is my definition: I think home is much better described as a feeling rather than a place. This feeling is the one you get when you are being held in the arms of a loved one, when you look around and find everyone around you are people you dearly love and know they love you and are truly happy and joyed by your presence, when all your insecurities are gone and you are completely carefree, and you know you are where you are supposed to be, and happy to be there. To me, this is home.

Anonymous said...

am i hiding?


Did you read shaun's blog?

Shoot. i couldn't have said it better. But i left him a comment...i don't know if i said anything you can use there, but man, i love that guy.

Why would you ask if i'm hiding?