Friday, June 29

there is also rain

Not drastic rain, rain you are still able to be positive about, and say "oh the land really needed this rain" but still the kind of rain that makes you clench your jaw when walking across the street, the rain you plan on having a bad hair day with.

Similar to the weather here the last couple of days, I have for the first time in this internship felt the struggle. How good for me, I know. I hit the kind of wall that I am still able to be positive about and say " in order to produce good work, effort and time is required and sometimes you must conquer something that you before did not know how to handle." But it's still the kind of struggle where I doubt my ability, wonder why it's not turning out as great as it looks like it should in my head, and the kind of doubt that makes me want to listen to a sermon while working more than music.

Some rain that is a good change of pace, but requires shoes other than heels (which I tried yesterday)

The new iPhone comes out this evening. I decided to wait until they're cheaper, but I am going to go join my friend Todd in line and experience the new mac magic.

happy friday

Tuesday, June 26


I walked into church last night for a women's bible study. I wish I could say I anticipated the best, but I didn't, I was apprehensive with new people in a semi-new place. I was put in my place, it is the same Bible and same God we are studying! The hour was full of rich scripture and discussion and learning. I was blessed to be able to go and now I won't have to wait to be involved in a study until I go back to Idaho.

We studied Rahab, who is an incredible woman. (The woman who protected the Israelites when spying in Jericho and later she and her family were saved when the rest of the city was destroyed) I used to view her simply as someone who God used, but after studying the scripture more, I learned that part of her story is her incredible faith that surpassed all expectations in her culture. And to then know that she was the great, great grandmother of David, in the lineage of Christ?! God's grace is incredible.
I don't know if you share this in a blog or not but I really enjoyed viewing this story in a new way.

I am feeling the pressure to get these book covers finished, not simply finished but to also know that I did the best work I was able to.

To motivate my walks AWAY from the vending machine at break times I have put up a reminder on my monitor. You may view below. The pink note reads,
" i eat too much " - there's no sugar coating when talking to one self.

Sunday, June 24

summer lovin of sorts

I want to say thank you all for reading and replying, it's really nice to be able to correspond some with people I love.

The past couple of days at work have been filled with an intern think tank meeting. The directors asked the interns to brainstorm on what we think the church needs. That's a big question, and they left it at that, hoping the freedom of the project would let our creativity run wild. The 16 of us all working in different departments, took the Myers Briggs personality test and then we were split up into groups. We were told to come up with a couple campaigns we were passionate about that NPH could then market and produce. I really enjoy discussions like this, although we had never worked together before, so you have almost strangers discussing a subject they are very passionate about but with differing opinions. We surprisingly came up with a couple ideas that we agreed on.

The proposed project I am most excited about is material that would provide the structure and topic material for inter-generational small groups. I have experienced the wonderful benefits of a class at church at home that had inter-generational groups discussing and learning together, and it was encouraging to know that other college students from different places also see that connection as a true need in church today. We will present to the board of the publishing house Wednesday.

But I am ready to get back to my book cover now!

I once again am so thankful for my summer here. I have gotten to know a few interns pretty well. I am continually surprised at how much has been provided while being here. I was even sad when one of my intern friends, Emily left for the weekend. Already? I thank the Lord, He knows how meaningful connection is to me, and I have had many wonderful people to connect with in only three weeks. And not to forget to mention, my wonderful friends, the Fryes made their move to Kansas this weekend, and how great to be with all of them, I felt like I was at home, swiming and playing games immediately. I have been given much more than I deserve.

I hope summer lovin for all of my friends.

Wednesday, June 20


" joy shared is double joy
sorrow shared is half sorrow "

- a swedish proverb a friend has always shared with me and one i wish to share with my friends

Tuesday, June 19

here is the foot

(the white isn't part of the design, this image is too small to see all, but the 3rd toe is paisley and the pinky toe is leopard)

well this specific job was interesting. I am working within Barefoot Ministry's existing logo, which is the black, and they asked me to make it feminine. One problem I have with this is that their logo is a foot print and they wanted me to design the top of a foot in that shape. But I did what they asked right? This 8 ft. foot along with 10 others, will be on display at the Nazarene Youth Conference next month. I'll have my brother go give it a massage while he's there.
I had a great meeting with the editors today and will post the 2 concepts to decide between when they are further developed.

thank you stacey for your experience and help with toe fashion!

Monday, June 18

the intern

I am in a carpool with three people who work at the publishing house. They are very nice to invite me to join, so far I have been picked up for work at 6:45 and I have a half hour to chat some and wake up before work.

Well this week is my week to drive. The pressure is on. What must they feel? "Okay, the intern is going to drive us, not in a mini van but in a dodge neon, I hope we make it to work"? I feel fully confident in driving myself through a city with many interstate changes, but taking people who have made this drive themselves for at least ten years and who just met me a week and a half ago? We'll see if they show up back at the car this afternoon! They are very kind to oblige.

Friday afternoon I was given a new task. I am probably most excited about this one. I will be designing a book cover for beacon hill press, the branch of this publishing house that hires authors and sells books on amazon and at barnes and noble. It is so fun to read parts of this book and try to think of all the ways to represent what this author is wanting to share. I recently went to a book store and realized how often I pick a book up because of the design. I am aware of the responsibility I hold, but am also thrilled to work on this. The book is titled- "True North : Staying on Course through Life's Changing Circumstance", (what a fitting subject at this point in my life!)
Tomorrow I meet with the editors to discuss the concepts I have. I will post progress later and maybe we can do a vote.
Thank you for reading.
I miss you all in your different places this summer

Sunday, June 17

oh happy day for fathers

My dad always played games with me, we had our own version of Clue before my problem solving skills were ready for the real thing. He coached my sports teams even when we knew I wasn't very good.

Papa Jerry is someone I want to be like. He has waited for me to learn things, cheered me on while I'm getting there, and loves me in the mean time. I like how he is a friend to his friends and how he devotes time to growth and prayer.

Pop or Papa Johnny has taken time to be interested in what his grandkids are interested in and has taught me how to achieve a goal, even when starting at the very bottom.

Papa Too, my great grandpa Lee, taught me how to spell M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-crooked letter, crooked letter-I-humpback-humpback-I = mississippi.

thank you to devoted men.

Friday, June 15


i envy this room for two reasons.
1) the colors are incredible, the almost gradient that is created with the different shades of each color, organized so well on those great shelves, mmm
2) who has time to read all of these books? maybe they're cardboard. either way, looks good

On my eighth day of work I have now found a comfortable routine, but one that does not get old, I am given new projects daily. I have decided how to explain one of the reasons this internship is so helpful.
I am being given many different kinds of projects. By doing ads, packaging, prep for printing, book covers, and 8 ft canvas feet:), I am being exposed to these different avenues which helps me decide as a student what to focus on, what I might be better or worse at, and I don't think I would ever be bored with this variety. I am fortunate, with the size of NPH, it is big enough to have many different kinds of jobs and always have incoming clients and projects, but small enough that the designers aren't stuck working for one client, but on many projects at one time. This makes in-house design look attractive compared to freelance, all the business and taxes are taken care of, you simply do the art; and there are great people around to collaborate with. I am truly being exposed to what it's like to be a designer, not a "go fetch" girl, I appreciate that. Worried that this is boring to read, I'll be finished with that talk for today...that's what I am thinking about!

Oh but how weekends are still something to look forward to... and in a few days some of my dear friends are moving to the area. what a great summer.

Thursday, June 14

2012 olympics logo released

80% of the voters who responded to the logo through BBC disapproved of the next olympic's logo. Many say it is hard to read "2012" and it looks like a disintegrated map of London. The designers who were paid $80,000 to create the logo say they were going for a modern influence and at least didn't put a union jack in the logo.

Anyway this is what I find interesting! What do you think? can you believe the ammount of money for this project and then the response from the public? you can read more from the washington post.

p.s. I had steak tonight!

Wednesday, June 13

more about my new home

I am beginning to feel the humidity pain that everyone talks about being part of the mid west. Other than that, I am impressed with every part of kansas city. Last night I tried some custard which I found out was basically spectacular ice cream.

Today I received a project of working on an 8 ft. foot that will be on display at the Nazarene Youth Conference this summer for the publishing house's youth department called "Barefoot Ministry". There are several feet being made and I am designing the "feminine" one. It will be fun to design each toe differently, but a challenge to produce nice looking skin that will be 8FT! I called my friend who gets a weekly pedicure for some advice. I am picturing the holiday decals both of my grandmas used to get on their nails, maybe I won't go as far as the jack-o-lantern or snow man.

One of the hardest parts of being away from Nampa is missing a Wednesday night meeting with my dear friends at church. What a blessing those evenings are with rich prayer, learning and planning. I can still pray, just in a different seat.

Off to think about toes.
Below there are more pictures and one of my projects.

This is a book cover I did that went through final stages to be approved today.
It is a children's musical book. They asked for it to look like kids without an image of a child or a generic praise image. Thinking through the concept of a project is my favorite part and I was surprised they gave me a job where I had complete freedom to that, already.

This is my favorite place at work- the courtyard. Look at that space!
It is so peaceful to sit and listen outside or talk to a friend.

This is the work room when formatting your projects
to send to be proofed. The resources for the artists here are wonderful.

I found a coffee shop! I go about every other day
during the morning break. Yesterday I tried the almond
roca americano with steamed milk on top. They have the
same garage doors as flying m.

My friends Brandon and Kristen who both work
at the publishing house have shown me around the city
and have been so nice to include me in much of their summer fun.

Here are some of my friends on lunch break
at the filling station. I had a great salmon club
and blue cheese walnut salad. The four girls
all go or went to Olivet Nazarene in Chicago.

my first day was the annual NPH picnic. (hard first day I know)
The theme was hoedown to mirror the Vacation Bible School theme
this summer called "tumbleweed gulch". The interns were the chosen
ones to represent different departments in a relay. The art department
came in third.

Brandon, JR and I sent this to our professor
on our first day. (bandannas from the hoedown)

Tuesday, June 12

this is where i work.

Here is the large monitor the interns receive...

And the thirty inch mac the elder designers receive.
This is Brandon Hill, also from Nampa. This is the view to my right.
There are windows in front of my desk that show the printing press.

This is the entry to the art department. Lovely Bertha
usually sits at this desk to greet you.

This is the beautiful lounge also in the entry.
I love how much thought they put in to every part
of their working environment.

This is one of the meeting places on a bamboo platform.
I nervously had my first ever design approval meeting
here with the marketing directors a couple days ago.

This is part of the main working room for all of the
designers. They created the space to be open for communication
and collaboration but also gave everyone their own area.
The atmosphere is very comfortable to work in.

I will show more soon!

Monday, June 11

we're in kansas! and missouri!

We, as in I, actually travel back and forth between the two states daily.
I am doing it, I'm starting a blog. I want to let my friends and family know and see what I am doing and blogging seemed like the winning option. A week ago my dad and I were driving through seven states to arrive in the surprisingly pretty, kansas city area. My dad did the hard parts of the drive and put up with hours of wonderful music. He shortly after flew back to Idaho and I stayed to do an internship at the Nazarene Publishing House.

I work for and with great people who trust me without even knowing me. The outside architecture and interior design and furniture of the art department is grand, I am thankful every day walking in. The designers chose much of the modern design and it makes for a very comfortable 9 hour work day. The two designers I sit closest to, graduated from the NNU design program and have been a wonderful blessing. The three of us talk of our wonderful teacher and mentor and see that the training we received really has made us capable of doing something we love. It has been encouraging to see their success and be reassured once again of the incredible education I was given. I was given two REAL jobs the first day. My work is thinking and designing, I am so lucky. I am praying with thanksgiving for an easy transition into this new routine. Change is usually not my forte, but God has been so near. He is providing meaningful connections with new friends, He is instilling confidence in what I am doing and He is being Himself. What would we do without?