Wednesday, June 13

more about my new home

I am beginning to feel the humidity pain that everyone talks about being part of the mid west. Other than that, I am impressed with every part of kansas city. Last night I tried some custard which I found out was basically spectacular ice cream.

Today I received a project of working on an 8 ft. foot that will be on display at the Nazarene Youth Conference this summer for the publishing house's youth department called "Barefoot Ministry". There are several feet being made and I am designing the "feminine" one. It will be fun to design each toe differently, but a challenge to produce nice looking skin that will be 8FT! I called my friend who gets a weekly pedicure for some advice. I am picturing the holiday decals both of my grandmas used to get on their nails, maybe I won't go as far as the jack-o-lantern or snow man.

One of the hardest parts of being away from Nampa is missing a Wednesday night meeting with my dear friends at church. What a blessing those evenings are with rich prayer, learning and planning. I can still pray, just in a different seat.

Off to think about toes.
Below there are more pictures and one of my projects.

This is a book cover I did that went through final stages to be approved today.
It is a children's musical book. They asked for it to look like kids without an image of a child or a generic praise image. Thinking through the concept of a project is my favorite part and I was surprised they gave me a job where I had complete freedom to that, already.

This is my favorite place at work- the courtyard. Look at that space!
It is so peaceful to sit and listen outside or talk to a friend.

This is the work room when formatting your projects
to send to be proofed. The resources for the artists here are wonderful.

I found a coffee shop! I go about every other day
during the morning break. Yesterday I tried the almond
roca americano with steamed milk on top. They have the
same garage doors as flying m.

My friends Brandon and Kristen who both work
at the publishing house have shown me around the city
and have been so nice to include me in much of their summer fun.

Here are some of my friends on lunch break
at the filling station. I had a great salmon club
and blue cheese walnut salad. The four girls
all go or went to Olivet Nazarene in Chicago.

my first day was the annual NPH picnic. (hard first day I know)
The theme was hoedown to mirror the Vacation Bible School theme
this summer called "tumbleweed gulch". The interns were the chosen
ones to represent different departments in a relay. The art department
came in third.

Brandon, JR and I sent this to our professor
on our first day. (bandannas from the hoedown)


Stacey said...

Your book cover turned out so neat! Can't wait to see the foot!

the Knee man said...

KP,Great stuff!
Starting at the bottom!
Real "Sole"
Where the epidermis meets the pavement!
So sorry you did not get the king of the anatomic parts...the knee!
Love and Prayers,
the Knee man

kylee said...

If I only knew who you are knee man

karla said...

Kylee - Love the book cover! Can't wait to see the foot. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

kylee said...

stacey and karla, I will send you the foot tomorrow after it goes through approval. It is such a weird project! thanks for being interested.

-knee man, are you ken?

lindsey said...

kylee, kylee, kylee,

I am so happy to see that you are in such a beautiful work environment, but always remember you are one of the most beautiful things in our Liberty charter work environment. (again, being selfish....)
I love the children's book cover, looks like hopscotch done with sidewalk chalk, LOVE IT. Lily gave it her approval.
Miss you, can't wait to see the foot as well. I have no input on what would be interesting for a feminine foot. (you've seen my ugly feet)
love ya,

Lindsey said...

when I said (again, being selfish...) ofcourse I meant ME, and not you. (being selfish)

tori said...

dear ky,
now i can picture the courtyard! i was picturing couches in the middle of a garden or jungle or something. and i love love love the music book cover. i would get it for my child if i had one. diana thought it was very good too. i was hoping that you would find a new coffee home and im glad it is a garage to remind you of namps. ps. i would love to see a decal on the toe nail, but you're the designer. can't wait to see it! much love

peter said...

Kylee... ok i stumbled upon this and now i'm jealous. not only of your sweet setup, but bookcovers and banners and stuff like that, that's rad! the cover is great in my opinion. GREAT! and i don't use that word lightly. keep up the good word homie

Anonymous said...

I love your book cover!
I think I spot you in the line of cowboys and you are the one looking very competitive about finishing the race in first place, I didn't know you had that in you.
Have I told you how much I need to go see Denae but have been too lazy. Love ya, Kris