Friday, June 15


i envy this room for two reasons.
1) the colors are incredible, the almost gradient that is created with the different shades of each color, organized so well on those great shelves, mmm
2) who has time to read all of these books? maybe they're cardboard. either way, looks good

On my eighth day of work I have now found a comfortable routine, but one that does not get old, I am given new projects daily. I have decided how to explain one of the reasons this internship is so helpful.
I am being given many different kinds of projects. By doing ads, packaging, prep for printing, book covers, and 8 ft canvas feet:), I am being exposed to these different avenues which helps me decide as a student what to focus on, what I might be better or worse at, and I don't think I would ever be bored with this variety. I am fortunate, with the size of NPH, it is big enough to have many different kinds of jobs and always have incoming clients and projects, but small enough that the designers aren't stuck working for one client, but on many projects at one time. This makes in-house design look attractive compared to freelance, all the business and taxes are taken care of, you simply do the art; and there are great people around to collaborate with. I am truly being exposed to what it's like to be a designer, not a "go fetch" girl, I appreciate that. Worried that this is boring to read, I'll be finished with that talk for today...that's what I am thinking about!

Oh but how weekends are still something to look forward to... and in a few days some of my dear friends are moving to the area. what a great summer.

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tori said...

dear kylee,
i wish that libraries could be color coordinated like that! it would be so beautiful. such a good room. nph sounds like an incredible place to work. i like reading your insight in your comparison of the in-house design to freelance or "go fetch" jobs. it does seem like a really great environment. i will be excited to hear what your strengths end up being as you experiment different avenues of design. cant wait to see the feminine foot!