Wednesday, June 20


" joy shared is double joy
sorrow shared is half sorrow "

- a swedish proverb a friend has always shared with me and one i wish to share with my friends


Anonymous said...

Kylee!! I love your blog. I am one of your faithful readers. Sounds as if you are having a great time and doing well. I'm really proud of you. Looking forward to reading more.

Kathy Burns

Anonymous said...

Hey Kylee,

I have sure been enjoying reading your blog. I love the toes!! Wish I could see the huge ones. :) I am glad you are fitting in so well there. Danna

maddie said...

hi kylee!!!i just looked at your pictures on your blog! i LOVE the book cover and the foot! i hope you have fun in kansas city!
with love
i am at the ranch
*<:o) right now