Tuesday, June 26


I walked into church last night for a women's bible study. I wish I could say I anticipated the best, but I didn't, I was apprehensive with new people in a semi-new place. I was put in my place, it is the same Bible and same God we are studying! The hour was full of rich scripture and discussion and learning. I was blessed to be able to go and now I won't have to wait to be involved in a study until I go back to Idaho.

We studied Rahab, who is an incredible woman. (The woman who protected the Israelites when spying in Jericho and later she and her family were saved when the rest of the city was destroyed) I used to view her simply as someone who God used, but after studying the scripture more, I learned that part of her story is her incredible faith that surpassed all expectations in her culture. And to then know that she was the great, great grandmother of David, in the lineage of Christ?! God's grace is incredible.
I don't know if you share this in a blog or not but I really enjoyed viewing this story in a new way.

I am feeling the pressure to get these book covers finished, not simply finished but to also know that I did the best work I was able to.

To motivate my walks AWAY from the vending machine at break times I have put up a reminder on my monitor. You may view below. The pink note reads,
" i eat too much " - there's no sugar coating when talking to one self.


mom said...

I love the pink sticky note, I should try that. I have gone back to the Rec Center the last two days and am very sore.
Miss you all the time.
(bird looks good on your screen)

Stacy Freiburghaus said...

Hey Kylee!! Your mom showed me how to get on to you website. She's so smart! Anyway, I love reading your blogs. I am here at work now so if you get a chance, write to me. Hope you are doing well. Love you!!


Lindsey said...

i have a personal theory that eating too much is a sign of happiness, and creative genious.

I am listening to Coldplay right now too... (x&y though)! have you listened to the new Bright Eyes cd? justin bought it and hasn't let me borrow it yet.... i'll have to steal it out of his truck at night, along with the new White Stripes.

miss ya,

Lindsey said...


i also find that theory to be true for people whose preference in coffee leans towards breves.

Anonymous said...

Breves and lots of pop.