Monday, June 18

the intern

I am in a carpool with three people who work at the publishing house. They are very nice to invite me to join, so far I have been picked up for work at 6:45 and I have a half hour to chat some and wake up before work.

Well this week is my week to drive. The pressure is on. What must they feel? "Okay, the intern is going to drive us, not in a mini van but in a dodge neon, I hope we make it to work"? I feel fully confident in driving myself through a city with many interstate changes, but taking people who have made this drive themselves for at least ten years and who just met me a week and a half ago? We'll see if they show up back at the car this afternoon! They are very kind to oblige.

Friday afternoon I was given a new task. I am probably most excited about this one. I will be designing a book cover for beacon hill press, the branch of this publishing house that hires authors and sells books on amazon and at barnes and noble. It is so fun to read parts of this book and try to think of all the ways to represent what this author is wanting to share. I recently went to a book store and realized how often I pick a book up because of the design. I am aware of the responsibility I hold, but am also thrilled to work on this. The book is titled- "True North : Staying on Course through Life's Changing Circumstance", (what a fitting subject at this point in my life!)
Tomorrow I meet with the editors to discuss the concepts I have. I will post progress later and maybe we can do a vote.
Thank you for reading.
I miss you all in your different places this summer

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