Thursday, June 14

2012 olympics logo released

80% of the voters who responded to the logo through BBC disapproved of the next olympic's logo. Many say it is hard to read "2012" and it looks like a disintegrated map of London. The designers who were paid $80,000 to create the logo say they were going for a modern influence and at least didn't put a union jack in the logo.

Anyway this is what I find interesting! What do you think? can you believe the ammount of money for this project and then the response from the public? you can read more from the washington post.

p.s. I had steak tonight!


lindsey said...

I do not like this logo! The colors are really off putting.... I didn't know it said 2012 until you mentioned it. $80,000? crazy. do you like it? I wasn't able to tell from your comment.

kylee said...

It's illegible, I do not like it. It's nice they tried something other than the classic rings but the execution doesn't seem to really represent olympics to me. i agree lindsey!

tor tor said...

dear kylee,
i think it reminds me of the 1989 disney olympics. i agree with you and lindsey on the readability. at least they were trying something new.

Kris said...

I too do not like this logo, I don't think many people do. Everything else on your blog is incredible. The place that you work is awesome, wish I was there. Miss you!

Lindsey said...

I had Justin inspect the Olympics logo, and he said he read somewhere that this logo has made some people go into epilectic seizures. This is not a joke... it has really happened. They had to remove it from some areas. I myself had a little shudder when I saw it... I can relate a little.