Tuesday, June 12

this is where i work.

Here is the large monitor the interns receive...

And the thirty inch mac the elder designers receive.
This is Brandon Hill, also from Nampa. This is the view to my right.
There are windows in front of my desk that show the printing press.

This is the entry to the art department. Lovely Bertha
usually sits at this desk to greet you.

This is the beautiful lounge also in the entry.
I love how much thought they put in to every part
of their working environment.

This is one of the meeting places on a bamboo platform.
I nervously had my first ever design approval meeting
here with the marketing directors a couple days ago.

This is part of the main working room for all of the
designers. They created the space to be open for communication
and collaboration but also gave everyone their own area.
The atmosphere is very comfortable to work in.

I will show more soon!


Mark and Nancy said...

very cool blog, sweet kylee

tim said...

Hey fellow blogger...look at all your coolness. Wow...I'm impressed. You didn't mention how your first art approval meeting went??!?

I'm sure they loved it. Keep typing!

melissa said...

what a great space--i can't wait to see it in person- only a week and a day until we arrive in sweet kansas!

love ya,

torina said...

oh kylee, the space is beautiful!!! i had no idea: i underestimated nazarene style i suppose. i thought everything had to have maroon, forrest green, or perhaps orange.