Friday, June 29

there is also rain

Not drastic rain, rain you are still able to be positive about, and say "oh the land really needed this rain" but still the kind of rain that makes you clench your jaw when walking across the street, the rain you plan on having a bad hair day with.

Similar to the weather here the last couple of days, I have for the first time in this internship felt the struggle. How good for me, I know. I hit the kind of wall that I am still able to be positive about and say " in order to produce good work, effort and time is required and sometimes you must conquer something that you before did not know how to handle." But it's still the kind of struggle where I doubt my ability, wonder why it's not turning out as great as it looks like it should in my head, and the kind of doubt that makes me want to listen to a sermon while working more than music.

Some rain that is a good change of pace, but requires shoes other than heels (which I tried yesterday)

The new iPhone comes out this evening. I decided to wait until they're cheaper, but I am going to go join my friend Todd in line and experience the new mac magic.

happy friday


tori said...

oh person oh kylee were really missing you...
the rain sounds refreshing. i love that kind of rain in idaho summers, but i know what you mean about the hair. mine's destined to frizz in the rain.

you gave me this verse in a letter while we were traveling in our groups and i thought of it as i was reading your post...

I will bless them and the places surrounding my hill. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing. ezekiel 34:26

i guess all things come in seasons, even iPhones. helps me remember to be thankful when the seasons are fruitful, and to know that seasons have a purpose. have fun with todd and i am excited you read about how you are growing. its encouraging to me. much love!

Kadyn said...

Rain?? It's 80 here at the Ranch. we saw a bobcat coming up the hill. Can you guess where I'm at? I miss you so much, I've been crying ever since you left.

love,your sister

Carly said...

Kylee --
I finally got on your blog. It has been so nice reading your thoughts and "catching up with you." The pictures are wonderful - I love visualizing where you are and what you are doing. You are missed, but it is obvious that you are exactly where you're supposed to be. The sunshine and rain of this summer are forming and shaping you... how exciting to be in that place!

love you,