Tuesday, July 3

a good start

This morning I woke up early thinking I would get an early, efficient start. As I was walking outside, (feeling sore after wrestling with a seven year old stronger than I for two hours last night), I noticed something.

What do you know, my front left hub cap is missing! I checked the others, and they didn't seem to be loose. I don't think anyone would want to steal the shiny rims my dad graciously gave me, but wouldn't I have heard it falling off? It looks bad.

After I treated myself to an uplifting double shot raspberry white mocha (light flavor), I felt embarrassed getting out of my car. But really, should it matter?

Oh let me be humbled with my ugly tire-d car.
(hopefully only for a couple days)

i will be ready to show the book cover tomorrow, I am finalizing the type.

Here are a couple more pictures of some of my intern friends. Unfortunately, they start leaving next week. What great girls.


Cody P said...

oooo that sucks. your car isn't gangster anymore. hope your doing well. your hair looks nice. i'm leavin for nyc soon.

Lindsey said...


it should never matter very much that a car is missing a hubcab, when there is a gorgeous girl behind the wheel! (i'm speaking ofcourse, in your case.)

Dad said...

I knew when I bought those "shiny rims" I was taking a risk that someone might steal them. Just make sure to hide the fuzzy dice I got you to hang from your mirror.

Peter said...

your dad is funny