Tuesday, July 31


The president and vice presidents of the publishing house take the interns out to lunch in shifts. Today was my day, and oh what a day it was! Before ordering they told us not to hold back, so I did not. This was the best restaurant meal I have had all summer.
To start my friend and I split crab and tomatillo-corn cakes, yellow tomato emulsion.
For my entree I ordered grilled beef tenderloin with roasted asparagus in a red wine demi glace and pommes william- which were these incredible potatoes with a fried outside shell in the shape of a pear. When you opened the pear, brie drizzled out! I wish I had a picture.
For dessert I had a lemon custard topped with raspberries.

When first trying meal, the president who I was sitting next to, told the rest of the table, "I think Kylee's getting saved all over again down here"

The art department had an afternoon tea for Adam, the other art intern, and me. My last day here is Friday. I am not looking forward to this ending. I can't believe how easy it was to feel like I belong here. I am thankful.

My friend Mandy was in kansas city on Saturday. Mandy and I had most design classes together at NNU and she and I went to Europe last summer on an art history tour. It felt like no time had passed, except now we were talking about design jobs instead of design homework. It was so fun to walk around town and equally enjoy stops like the paper source (the most incredible stationary store I have ever been inside)
Mandy graduated in the spring, so when we said good bye, it was so strange to think, there is no guaranteed next time to see each other. I have a feeling this will happen with many in the next couple of years. great.

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msamwheeler said...

can't wait to see your smiling face again and have you back in echurch!! you are the product that all we parents work so hard towards with our kids...a self-sufficient, unselfish, mature young lady (or man)!! Before you leave KC make sure and give all the Fryes and Pitts a big hug from us 4 Wheelers:)