Wednesday, July 11

true north

Finally, here is the book cover.
The subtitle is "staying on course through life's changing circumstances".
The last week or so we were going over colors, there were many options. I initially thought these colors were too cold, but with the migrating bird concept, it should look cold over warm, and the author talks about her experience of many changes while being in Alaska, so the editors decided on the blues and this is the final cover. I really enjoyed the whole process and having my client be the author and the editors. The editors I worked with are wonderful and gave me a lot of freedom.

Speaking of book covers, yesterday a few of us were asked to help my friend Chad in a photo shoot for a book he's working on about the growing church. The only instruction I had was to hold my hand out in this position, and he would later do some photoshop work and "it would all make sense". (I was NOT holding the gun, nor will I ever)
This morning when I showed up to work, he thought he was pretty funny. He said the expression called for a weapon.
Thankfully, there is a different version he is working on!


cindylouwho said...

Wow Kylee - this book cover is awesome! I love the red. It just POPS. And since red is associated with energy, strength, power, and determination, it really fits with the subtitle of the book.

I love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to. What an amazing experience you have been given and who better than you deserves it?

Love ya! Come home and take me shopping soon! :)
Cindy W.

Stacy said...

OHMYGOSH!!! Your picture (the one with the gun) is absolutely stunning! It really is beautiful. However, if you are going to be taking pictures like that, you really can't nor shouldn't be driving around in a car with missing hubcaps! I'll get right on that with your dad. Your book cover is beautiful as well. Love reading your blog. It's so much fun. I'm glad you're having a great summer. Love ya! Stacy

Suzy said...

Hi Kylee.....What a picture!!! You look like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now you are a movie star.( You always told me you were going to be.)When Pop saw the picture he said you weren't holding the gun right. (He hadn't read anything yet) Love your book cover,you seem to be really enjoying your time there.Julie & the kids arrived last night & will be here for 3 wks. Love & miss you Grandma Suzy

travis said...

um, guns? guns are bad, and i judge you for holding one, photoshopped or otherwise. so perhaps i missed where you said this, but did you design that book cover? regardless of your involvement, i'm really impressed with it. very solid and innovative design. and yes, i will judge a book by its cover, seeing as i don't read them.

Lindsey said...

kylee (my artistic friend)
I truly love your book cover. Love it.
The blue and red combination is very beautiful, and I especially love the font you used. I too would judge this book by it's cover, and buy it just to cut off your picture and frame it.
I have 4 admirers here at my house who would like to say hello,

Kodee says,
I really like your book cover. Please don't hurt me with your gun it's unchristianlike. Ha, Ha.

Jeff Wheadon says,
Kylee, I miss you. I really like your book cover too.

Lily says,
That is MY Kylee friend in that picture. She is so, so pretty. But she is a lot prettier at my house where I can see her.

Sophie says,
Come back to the school to play with me.

Lindsey says,
See you in CoeurD'Alene for some catching up, and a big hug.

Sherry said...

Oh my word!!! What an amazing cover! That looks incredible. I'm definetly a "judge a book by the cover" type of person...that would be one I'd buy. guaranteed.

Jamie said...

Stunning. Simply stunning - Both the book cover and your picture. Can't wait to see more of your work. You are incredibly beautiful and talented and I'm privileged to call you a friend.


Anonymous said...

That's a sweet picture! You're so beautiful! You are America's Next Top Model!

Anonymous said...

Kylee...this is great uncle Larry the f0cus word is great.
I loved every word and picture in the blog. I like everyone else think the book cover is amazing...what a great idea.
The family reunion and picture were super and your comments ar insightful and lovely.
I should have a blog and have you ghost write for me and all my friends would be so impressed.
uncle ldh