Friday, July 6

an ode to one of the most influential in my life.

Today my favorite professor, Jonathan Bouw stopped in Kansas City to have breakfast with Brandon, JR and I. (Brandon and JR work at NPH full time and studied under Jonathan at NNU). He and his family are moving to Indiana where he will change the art department at Taylor University-similar to the wonderful work he did at NNU for 10 years.

What a passionate, truly caring and loving, funny, genuine man of God. I am a designer today because of him and his influence. His teaching was phenomenal and as students we could see the validity in what he was teaching by our changed view of the beauty in the world around us. After the guys and I dropped him off, we were thinking about the gift we were given of knowing him, we don't even know the extent of that blessing.

I wanted to share the great time and hard good bye of today. To a friend and teacher who deserves many thanks.

(the book cover still has changes to be made, I will post it next week)


Carly said...

Kylee - I am so glad you got to see Jonathan. What a nice blessing.

I miss you my friend. Have a restful weekend.


J.R. said...

Best. Professor. Ever.