Monday, July 9

a summer sunday

a day filled with a fabulous sunday school lesson, barbecue brisket, glow in the dark mini-golf, oreo blizzards, teaching minors poker, and boating at sunset with 80s tunes blaring, makes me wonder what I ever complained about.

Here are some pictures of boating with the Fryes.

Here Logan and I are on the beautiful lake where we go boating. I'm usually working when the real sun is out, so I'm still the pale self everyone is used to, not to worry.

Watching new friend Scott wake board. He is the first I have met that could give my mom a run for her money in knowing 70s and 80s pop/rock.

Brennan is so brave, when we go tubing together he wants to go faster than I

look at that.

Melissa and I singing the parts but maybe not the right words to the music.
What a good summer.

Here is Landen with his two cousins, my new friends, Grace and Ben on this great 3 man couch like tube. Though willing to take part in the adventure, I enjoyed sitting and supporting the daring yesterday. They did awesome.

When Brennan saw my car from across the parking lot, without taking a breath, concerned, he asked, "kylee, your car broken?" So yes, the missing hubcap is enough to cause concern for three year olds.

Tell me about your weekend!


mom said...

I want to see you up on the skis next time! Tell Scott I am ready for a contest if I ever get to K.C.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Kylee, I love your blog! So glad you had such a great time on Sunday! We've been at a family reunion in Okla. Kent & I went to a motorcycle rally on Sat. "Corncob" the motorcyclist who wears a patch over his eye and plays harmonica was in a wreck today on his bike. Karen told us Bonnie Perry asked about your future plans! Way to go, girl! I loved the children's book cover you did at first. Keep up the good work & don't forget to come home!!!!! Love you. Kay

travis said...

friend. a missing hubcap maybe enough to make a tot concerned, but trust me, it is nothing to be upset about.

Sherry said...

Your weekend looks so fun! I love skiing-though we haven't made it out this summer. Looks like you are enjoying KC!! I love reading your blog, you are a great writer.

msamwheeler said...

Kylee, Even though we may not be as faithful as you at communicating I sure love reading your blog! Funny how we look forward to summer so we can chill out and then we always seem to be so busy (not to mention that it's hard to chill in 100 degree weather!) Amy is at camp this week and then she will be busy getting ready for CC Fair and showing her sheep. Marshall is bored this week without her but is finding things to play with that he is digging out of the closet and hasn't seen for months. Mark and I have been busy painting the outside of our shop. We went to Lagoon a few weeks ago, Amy is a daredevil, she rode Cyclone by herself while Mark stood in line for them to go on the new roller coaster! Marshall had fun on the formula one race cars and won 3 out of 4 races against adults. Mark was proud! Miss your smiling face on Sundays but so happy for this great opportunity for you.