Monday, July 23

the hulls (and all their married names) had a reunion

wonderful aunt aarlie

For the first time I flew to visit my family, then when vacation was over, I flew back home, to a place that isn't the boise airport. a weird feeling. not a bad feeling, just new.

My great grandparents Lee and Reeda Hull died a few years ago. It's okay, it was time, but while they were on earth, they sure did a great job. Of a lot of things I am sure. One of the greatest contributions I believe they made was instilling love in their children and the understanding of the importance of passing on that love to others.

cousins kylee, kaylee and kallee are named for great grandpa lee, along with about 16 others having lee somewhere in their name.

From my first November to my 16th, Lee and Reeda and her siblings who were still living, and all of Lee and Reeda's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would meet for a wonderful thanksgiving meal. Every year, every one was responsible to bring their designated dish, so the consistent tastes have become essential to the proper thanksgiving in my mind. Every year my grandpa Jerry or great uncle Larry (great uncle sounds so old, he's not that old), who are twins by sight but not personality, would organize a sharing time, so that at least for that day of the year we could connect as family.

papa jerry and great-uncle larry

This was always one of my favorite days of the year. Because of schedules and I'm sure many reasons, thanksgiving doesn't happen like that anymore. We still have that sharing time, it just looks a little different. It's a lot of sharing in 4 days to last 2 years!
This year the reunion was at Paul and Roxie's in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Beautiful AND has humid-clear Northwest air! Thanks to another very generous great uncle (thank you Norman!) I was able to fly west for the weekend and attend. It was such a gift. I am so glad almost everyone was able to come.

Some highlights of our time include:

-cousin Macalister making up songs for us to dance to on the trampoline, such as "I want to be a pine cone, pine cone"
-wonderful food.especially the thai/indian night with frozen sorbet following, el salvador coffee, and the sandwich gorging after the long bike ride
-did i say bike ride? yes not 14 miles on a one speed, as I was told, but 17 miles! which feels a lots longer when you're expecting 14 and your legs just can't push any faster. But what a beautiful ride!

mom and cousin david
-speaking of bicycles, my cousin David (mostly his wife, cousin Laurie) GAVE me a beautiful original orange schwinn bicycle! Painted on the side is the name, "the collegiate"-so fitting for my last year of undergraduate which is quickly approaching.

-I enjoyed being around cousin Cole very much. In the above picture we are playing a game. he is the only one in the cat lovers line, while everyone else stands with the dogs.

-cousins Sam and Levi taught me how to calmly hold a wild bird. i'm so country now. wyoming roommates would be proud
-playing 'up and down the river' and being reminded of how cousin heather makes me laugh

-successfully making my favorite salad in bulk and for the first time. Melissa's wonderful poppy seed, almond, strawberry, mandarin salad.

cousins beau and bethany
-you know when someone understands you or what you're trying to say and you don't have to explain what you usually would? cousin Beth did that for me. i love her.

-our nightly devotional time followed by game time. i was surrounded by wise, interesting, dedicated people.
-most of all i am very thankful for the conversations I had with the 40 family members present.It was an honor to hear what they have been doing and who they have continue to become.

cousins olivia, kaylee, gentry and sister kadyn around the nightly camp fire.

Feeling close to home made me miss all of my Nampa family.(oregon too!)
I hope all of you, my loved ones are having a fantastic summer.


Anonymous said...

hey lovely, it was so much fun to be with you...hopefully i will be able to post soon. love ya, b

Anonymous said...

Hey Kylee, Thanks for posting some pics of the (my new) family. It was great to meet everyone and visit with you and catch up. Blessings on you as you wrap up your internship.

bethany said...

hey - look at me...i'm leaving a comment as "me" - i'm not sure how, but i'm not going to ask any questions and jinx it. love ya, b

Anonymous said...

you should Have more pictures of me Luv KAdYN