Tuesday, May 27

Yes, we can.

Here are some words from Barack Obama's commencement speech at Wesleyan University.
And for my friends who have already chosen McCain, may you enjoy this as meaningful, important words spoken at a graduation ceremony.

"Each of you will have the chance to make your own discovery in the years to come. And I say “chance” because you won’t have to take it. There’s no community service requirement in the real world; no one forcing you to care. You can take your diploma, walk off this stage, and chase only after the big house and the nice suits and all the other things that our money culture says you should by. You can choose to narrow your concerns and live your life in a way that tries to keep your story separate from America’s.

But I hope you don’t. Not because you have an obligation to those who are less fortunate, though you do have that obligation. Not because you have a debt to all those who helped you get here, though you do have that debt.

It’s because you have an obligation to yourself. Because our individual salvation depends on collective salvation. Because thinking only about yourself, fulfilling your immediate wants and needs, betrays a poverty of ambition. Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential and discover the role you’ll play in writing the next great chapter in America’s story.

At a time when a child in Boston must compete with children in Beijing and Bangalore, we need an army of you to become teachers and principals in schools that this nation cannot afford to give up on. I will pay our educators what they deserve, and give them more support, but I will also ask more of them to be mentors to other teachers, and serve in high-need schools and high-need subject areas like math and science.

At a time when there are children in the city of New Orleans who still spend each night in a lonely trailer, we need more of you to take a weekend or a week off from work, and head down South, and help rebuild. If you can’t get the time, volunteer at the local homeless shelter or soup kitchen in your own community. Find an organization that’s fighting poverty, or a candidate who promotes policies you believe in, and find a way to help them.

At a time of war, we need you to work for peace. At a time of inequality, we need you to work for opportunity. At a time of so much cynicism and so much doubt, we need you to make us believe again.

Now understand this - believing that change is possible is not the same as being na├»ve. Go into service with your eyes wide open, for change will not come easily. On the big issues that our nation faces, difficult choices await. We’ll have to face some hard truths, and some sacrifice will be required – not only from you individually, but from the nation as a whole."

fashion show

fashion show
fashion show at lunch.

(thank you Kelly)

there was indeed a fashion show. Studio D and a local bank (sorry bank about the no plug, I can't remember your name. Probably because there are 58 banks in Nampa) put on a fashion show to raise money for a local women's abuse shelter. The event was a great idea, successful and it was nice to have such an event in Nampa- our little boy/girl is sure growing up. The bistro catered some nice appetizers, (I only was able to sneak the lamb) and although your every day women modeled for the show, fortunately no one fell down.

Claire and I had fun modeling some of Elise's fabulous clothes from Brass Razoo and enjoyed a full day at the salon getting ready.
(I didn't know how or attempt to take off my fake eyelashes for a couple days)

My Idaho Pick of the Post must be Studio D. I have gone to this fabulous salon since I was in 7th grade. Danae is so talented, I don't let anyone else cut my hair and Victor is the ultimate perfectionist for my eyebrows. I know I COULD go without all these things, but why, when it's so good?! This is a Pick of the Post, because I will probably cry when I go to a new salon in Kansas City.

Thanks for sticking with me on my more shallow of days.

and the rain was beautiful today.

and my dad turned 46 today! I got him some cute low-rise brown pants but he keeps pulling them up. we'll see if they last.

Sunday, May 25


those summer nights.

i'm lovin them.

yesterday I took my 1 year old friend (who now says a version of my name!) to the market and the zoo. She is really smart and funny and beautiful, I thought the day couldn't get better.

But my Idaho Pick of the Post is those summer nights. the day got even better. on a summer night like last night, the weather here in southern Idaho reminds you of everything good, like e.e. cummings said, "everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."
The weather last night was the rare in between and perfect.

I had splendid company, learned how to create a new delish dish accompanied with the correct dessert, sat outside in the beauty, watched a funny, trying party next door, and only fell asleep during five mintues of interesting, Style Wars. A nicely put together, early 80s documentary, covering the origin of graffiti and hip hop.

ohoohoh, what a fine summer night.

Pastor Conrad preached a fantastic sermon this morning on Matthew 6:24-34 about trusting God's provision and from that provision, the actions we should be take in helping provide for the world. We don't have podcasts set up yet, but you could just read the passage.

I'm going to go clean out another box from my life and throw more away this time.

Wednesday, May 21


I have grown to really like my new sunglasses. I feel like I can kind of hide behind them, welcome warm weather, bring together an ensemble that isn't already working, and here is my favorite thing about my shades. They change the colors of what I see. I know that the beauty I see every day is already pretty because of what it is, but the rosy, yellow tint my sunglasses adds makes the green grass pop and the day looks warmer all around.

But tonight I got in my car and preferred viewing the sights without the shades.Dusk made 2nd street look good too.

Jimmy Kimmel just said, "Hilary Clinton called David Archuleta to tell him not to give up, stay in the race!" He's pretty funny.

my Idaho Pick of the Post is definitely my Wednesday night meetings at church. We meet to plan the logistics of the upcoming Sunday, go over pastor's sermon notes, and discuss needs and hopes for the future. For the three years that I have been blessed to be a part of this meeting, the group of dear people has formed a community, where we try to always be growing and seeking.

Tonight we were discussing a Matthew passage about greed for wealth. Our pastor spoke of a time he was forced to give up his wealth. He and his wife resigned from a church position, not knowing where they would settle next. While they were looking for a basement to rent, a friend called them offering a place to stay until they needed. This place was a beautiful 9500 square foot house on a hill. They gave up their wealth, trusting, and God provided.

I loved hearing this story from my leader, who I have watched genuinely believe...and I couldn't help but thinking of the greatness I am leaving and how God has already provided. While I am scared of the many unknowns of my new life in Kansas City, the first step was already provided! My 9500 square feet was given to me in the form of being offered to live with my best friends while I find a job and adjust. What an incredible blessing to go to such a safe place in such an unsure time. I feel like by leaving, I am giving up tremendous wealth here, and God has already provided and will probably continue to amaze. That may sound like a stretch, but I am trying to give God more credit. Thanks God.

i forgot!

I forgot my idaho pick of the post! I committed to one a post (hence the name) and there are too many great things I wish to include before I leave. So my pick of the post for the pollen post below is-

(it's funny I'm thinking of things I don't really like about Idaho - the radio, roads, the lemon tree ...but this is not the time or place!)

reader boards. whether they are absolutely inappropriate, too cheesy, or make you think "ohhhh!" in a hallmark kind of sigh, they are a staple to the treasure valley and we have plenty to watch for. And maybe I will miss that entertainment so freely flowing here.

Tuesday, May 20

pollen is making "friends" with every one of my five senses

i work at a school. while in college, this was a great morning job before i started my schooling during the day. while I have a month or so left as secretary, I want to give the fine people there more attention. Now that I am not swamped with other priorities, I can afford to stay late some days or make Accelerated Reader certificates. There is one thing that I want to give them, that I have not yet mastered. I would like to arrive at work 5-10 minutes early. I say this to myself every evening, and talk myself out of it every morning before getting out of bed. To the point where not all makeup is applied, hair may be wet, and I am either just on time or 5 minutes late. I am never scolded, but knowing that my boss has been there since 5 am, pours on the guilt.

Recently I have new motivation. There is a sophomore girl, who looks nice enough, who used to always sit in the car with her grandpa around 6:45. (I am supposed to be at work at 7) Well a couple weeks ago, this student came in before I did and my boss asked her if she would sit and watch the phones until I arrived. How nice. How willing.
She has now been sitting in that chair every single morning. Earlier. and earlier.
She loves this new helpful position.
But I know that I could be and should be doing this 5 or 10 minutes earlier and show my boss that I care. I'm hired to do so. When I walk in, coming in second, I feel like a lazy slacker. So, I will look at my new sophomore friend who leaves confusing notes as,
a pleasant motivation, to get to work earlier and earlier. and once I conquer that,she will probably come earlier and the healthy race will continue.

on other notes,
weather = awesome
boise = awesome
hey and nampa = awesome
barbecues = awesome
new treats = awesome
catching up on little people big world
= awesome
sun still up at 10 = awesome

oh and this,

= not awesome at all.

Monday, May 12

"all this beauty.you might have to close your eyes and slowly open wide"

my idaho pick of the post is- 8th street between bannock and idaho. this lush green tree lined street, downtown boise is a place I can sit and feel very much at home. I frequent this place during all seasons but after enjoying a meal on the corner at pollo rey with friends this last Saturday, I easily remembered that summer is it's prime. With walkers and bicyclists lining the sidewalks, almost everyone passing is thoroughly enjoying their day, which encourages me to relax and soak up the beauty around. I probably enjoy this street because it is filled with opportunity to relish in my favorite activity. Being with great people, in a nice setting, with GOOD FOOD and pleasant conversation. In addition to the wonderful restaurants, the saturday market resumed a few weeks ago, making for great Saturdays to enjoy a few times more. Most of you probably know of this happy lane but this destination needs to be included in the discussion of things that I love about home that I will miss.

I graduated a week and day ago. Well, I wore a robe, received a diploma holder, shook Dr. Hagood's hand, walked across a stage, took the appropriate pictures, and felt too little to be at this stage- but I will be official after completing a walking/jogging course & a classic cinema course. I think I would have been a better student taking only 2 classes at a time.

I miss the art department, where I realize is where I spent the majority of my time. A friend who graduated last year and I were realizing the blessing in most of our professors, over-qualified, under-paid, invested in us as artists and growing people, interesting, educated, talented people who for some reason chose to care about our small liberal arts program. I am forever in debt to these dear people.
Now I must go use what I've learned! I wish I knew what that looked like and that I could take my old art community with me, but alas I guess I'll grow up. My mom and her friend Stacy will drive with me to Kansas City on the 29th of June and fly back. My mom informed me she purchased the plane tickets, so that means we're going! and for sure by a specific time! i'm so excited I just really like it here too.

I'm working at my friend's boutique and better hang up some clothes!
enjoy summer friends.