Wednesday, May 21

i forgot!

I forgot my idaho pick of the post! I committed to one a post (hence the name) and there are too many great things I wish to include before I leave. So my pick of the post for the pollen post below is-

(it's funny I'm thinking of things I don't really like about Idaho - the radio, roads, the lemon tree ...but this is not the time or place!)

reader boards. whether they are absolutely inappropriate, too cheesy, or make you think "ohhhh!" in a hallmark kind of sigh, they are a staple to the treasure valley and we have plenty to watch for. And maybe I will miss that entertainment so freely flowing here.


shaun said...

I'm a huge fan of reader boards, billboards, or pretty much any sign with words on it. If I see one I have to read it, every word, and get really bummed if I miss anything. My absolute first experience on Idaho soil was this:

It's not a reader board, but I knew I was someplace great when I saw that.

what is the lemon tree?

kylee said...

I like the sign from the link!

lemon tree is mom heaven. a cutesy store with country-chic knink-knacks that serve little purpose and vinyl script with any catchy quote you can think of.

They do very well in Nampa, it's just not for me.

shaun said...

Oh ok, I was just wondering cuz I know I've seen you eat fresh lemon pulp, so I didn't think you would have any sort of hard feelings towards any particular lemon tree. Thanks for clarifying.