Wednesday, May 21


I have grown to really like my new sunglasses. I feel like I can kind of hide behind them, welcome warm weather, bring together an ensemble that isn't already working, and here is my favorite thing about my shades. They change the colors of what I see. I know that the beauty I see every day is already pretty because of what it is, but the rosy, yellow tint my sunglasses adds makes the green grass pop and the day looks warmer all around.

But tonight I got in my car and preferred viewing the sights without the shades.Dusk made 2nd street look good too.

Jimmy Kimmel just said, "Hilary Clinton called David Archuleta to tell him not to give up, stay in the race!" He's pretty funny.

my Idaho Pick of the Post is definitely my Wednesday night meetings at church. We meet to plan the logistics of the upcoming Sunday, go over pastor's sermon notes, and discuss needs and hopes for the future. For the three years that I have been blessed to be a part of this meeting, the group of dear people has formed a community, where we try to always be growing and seeking.

Tonight we were discussing a Matthew passage about greed for wealth. Our pastor spoke of a time he was forced to give up his wealth. He and his wife resigned from a church position, not knowing where they would settle next. While they were looking for a basement to rent, a friend called them offering a place to stay until they needed. This place was a beautiful 9500 square foot house on a hill. They gave up their wealth, trusting, and God provided.

I loved hearing this story from my leader, who I have watched genuinely believe...and I couldn't help but thinking of the greatness I am leaving and how God has already provided. While I am scared of the many unknowns of my new life in Kansas City, the first step was already provided! My 9500 square feet was given to me in the form of being offered to live with my best friends while I find a job and adjust. What an incredible blessing to go to such a safe place in such an unsure time. I feel like by leaving, I am giving up tremendous wealth here, and God has already provided and will probably continue to amaze. That may sound like a stretch, but I am trying to give God more credit. Thanks God.


Wade & Elle said...
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wade said...

...95,000 square feet...come again?!

kylee said...

Thanks Wade, I changed the 95,000 mistake to 9500.
your first comment was funny and very fitting! seeing that a lot of us know the clackamas town center...I knew of my mistake right at the mention.