Sunday, May 25


those summer nights.

i'm lovin them.

yesterday I took my 1 year old friend (who now says a version of my name!) to the market and the zoo. She is really smart and funny and beautiful, I thought the day couldn't get better.

But my Idaho Pick of the Post is those summer nights. the day got even better. on a summer night like last night, the weather here in southern Idaho reminds you of everything good, like e.e. cummings said, "everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."
The weather last night was the rare in between and perfect.

I had splendid company, learned how to create a new delish dish accompanied with the correct dessert, sat outside in the beauty, watched a funny, trying party next door, and only fell asleep during five mintues of interesting, Style Wars. A nicely put together, early 80s documentary, covering the origin of graffiti and hip hop.

ohoohoh, what a fine summer night.

Pastor Conrad preached a fantastic sermon this morning on Matthew 6:24-34 about trusting God's provision and from that provision, the actions we should be take in helping provide for the world. We don't have podcasts set up yet, but you could just read the passage.

I'm going to go clean out another box from my life and throw more away this time.

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