Monday, May 12

"all this might have to close your eyes and slowly open wide"

my idaho pick of the post is- 8th street between bannock and idaho. this lush green tree lined street, downtown boise is a place I can sit and feel very much at home. I frequent this place during all seasons but after enjoying a meal on the corner at pollo rey with friends this last Saturday, I easily remembered that summer is it's prime. With walkers and bicyclists lining the sidewalks, almost everyone passing is thoroughly enjoying their day, which encourages me to relax and soak up the beauty around. I probably enjoy this street because it is filled with opportunity to relish in my favorite activity. Being with great people, in a nice setting, with GOOD FOOD and pleasant conversation. In addition to the wonderful restaurants, the saturday market resumed a few weeks ago, making for great Saturdays to enjoy a few times more. Most of you probably know of this happy lane but this destination needs to be included in the discussion of things that I love about home that I will miss.

I graduated a week and day ago. Well, I wore a robe, received a diploma holder, shook Dr. Hagood's hand, walked across a stage, took the appropriate pictures, and felt too little to be at this stage- but I will be official after completing a walking/jogging course & a classic cinema course. I think I would have been a better student taking only 2 classes at a time.

I miss the art department, where I realize is where I spent the majority of my time. A friend who graduated last year and I were realizing the blessing in most of our professors, over-qualified, under-paid, invested in us as artists and growing people, interesting, educated, talented people who for some reason chose to care about our small liberal arts program. I am forever in debt to these dear people.
Now I must go use what I've learned! I wish I knew what that looked like and that I could take my old art community with me, but alas I guess I'll grow up. My mom and her friend Stacy will drive with me to Kansas City on the 29th of June and fly back. My mom informed me she purchased the plane tickets, so that means we're going! and for sure by a specific time! i'm so excited I just really like it here too.

I'm working at my friend's boutique and better hang up some clothes!
enjoy summer friends.


reed said...

this is a lovely post. i like it.

shaun said...

I remember your first suggestion to me when I moved here was to eat at the red feather on 8'th street. I of course had no idea what you were talking about or where 8'th street was, and even though I have been there a few times since living here, I hadn't experienced what you are talking about here until last week when Joe and I went to the Bitter Creek ale house on our first of what should be many bus rides into Boise. It is indeed a nice setting. It's weird knowing your days are numbered in a certain place isn't it? I remember going through the same thing as you and all of a sudden noticing all the things I loved about the place I lived. They are so easy to take for granted until you realize they are no longer going to be a part of your day to day life. But it is also very exciting to look ahead and imagine a whole new life for yourself full of all new scenery and so many new people. I enjoy reminiscing through reading the thoughts of someone else who is now going through the same thing as I did nearly 10 months ago: so thanks for that.

kylee said...

shaun- since my first encounter with hard transitions of people coming and going, i've tried to be present with the people and things around me, appreciating and enjoying every day of them before things change for one reason or another, but this preparing to leave feeling couldn't have been planned or practiced, it feels strange. thanks for understanding and i look forward to hearing your tips once i'm there.

reed- miss you!