Tuesday, April 29

i'm feeling more fast train than slow motion

I'm so tired.
physically. mentally. emotionally
but blogs aren't meant for complaining
and the thing is, i will miss this so much.
with 6 days to go, i sit in the mac lab with an extension from security. I have bothered those guys so much over the past 4 years, today I called and asked them if for my last late night I could stay late. thank you

one thing I won't miss = survey classes. I enjoy being informed and learning of other disciplines, but when as much information is crammed as possible into a short ammount of time, the purpose seems wrong. I feel tested over cramming ability instead of interest, investment or knowledge. So one post-grad challenge that I am excited about will be to read something like de Toqueville's Democracy of America, to grasp content and perspective instead of an American History textbook.
(tonight I was compiling Modern Europe notes, can you tell?)

Melissa sent me a copy of The Shack! I was anxious to read, hearing so much about this book. I thought I would be able to wait until school was out to read it, but what perfect timing for the content! I am half way through. And I really appreciate how the novel is written, it is a blessing to read about our God portrayed like He is in the book.

While I am preparing for the move out east (at least further east), I am appreciating the little and big things about our gem, the treasure valley. I think in each post until I move, I will conclude with "a piece of the treasure". nah. we'll just call it. "Idaho Pick of the Post". yes.

today's Idaho Pick of the Post will be...wow there are so many great things.

the acceptable dance party.

I was exposed to the dance party I am speaking of, my last year of high school. Chad, Marc and I were invited to join in the dancing at a house show given by the wonderful Jensens. This untrained but whatever you feel dancing intimidated me at first, especially in a living room. But the great music made me move and once you start it feels completely natural. It is one of the happiest times. A couple New Years Eves ago this dancing went on for an hour and a half, led by Diana, and was the best ringing in of a new year. I don't know if I will have new friends in my new place who also love this kind of expression and love the kind of music that goes along so well- so I think fondly of these experiences as a unique part of home. This last Saturday was one of my favorite times of this activity, the Very Most, led by Jeremy Jensen held their cd release party in a grand hall fit for the kicking off of shows and the dancing was perfect.
thanks idaho.

ps- my brother asked a nice girl to prom! this is crazy and the first for my house of origin. we are all probably too proud, but that will not stop us from taking pictures, sorry cody.


Jolleen said...

A few short days Kylee! I agree with you about The Shack...it has been very challenging and beautiful all at once. Mostly beautiful so far. Oooo, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that nice girl who was asked to prom. I love her.

shaun said...

My first real dancing experience as an adult was caused by Chad as well. He has that dancing affect on people. I hear he is throwing one of these dance parties this Thursday evening. I hope you are able to finish enough of your work to join in. I look forward to reading the remaining "Idaho Pick of the Post," just to see what I am still missing out on after my first year here. Good luck with your last 6 days.

kylee said...

thanks shaun! actually chad did not cause this experience but this was both chad's and mine first experience of this kind. he has definately been successful in passing the love on

katie wilson said...

Kylee! your blog is one of my favorites...i am also reading The Shack. i feel like i could talk for hours and hours and hours and i'm only half way through as well. it is truly inspiring and challenging. hope your last week is wonderful, dear.

the story is in the soil said...

the shack was suggested to me by the liberator...also known as africa. she was right...i love that book. it can be taken at such a simpilistic, narrative view...or deeply theological dependant upon the reader. and yes...i will miss your dancing perhaps more than you will miss dancing.

Laura said...

hi!! i will now be reading and stalking you on this blog. happy soon to be graduation! ;)

katie wilson said...

ummm, so, firstly, so good to actually see and talk to you in person the other day. secondly, i'd really like to see pictures from your show! ok?

Anonymous said...

shame on me for not reading this sooner.
cheers kypear.
Remember the one time you had an earphone and i had one and we danced while walking somewhere on campus and no one else could hear the music? and no one else probably would've danced anyway?

Oh man. i love dancing and i love dancing with you.