Tuesday, April 22

oh this stressfulll feeling that i'll eventually miss

tonight I will attempt an all-nighter.
i have had this problem, with not being okay with my portfolio, thinking about all of the things that could be different. the thing I am realizing, is that most things are that way and always could be improved, especially in art. In most areas, I am better at being content with the present, but not with the portfolio. The success is up to me!
I will be done, settled, whatever you may call it, by tomorrow morning, so here we go.

Thank you Katie for asking about that darned compass math proficiency test I needed to be able to graduate.
Well tomorrow, I am participating in Investiture chapel, cap and gown and all!
I finally passed! 5 tries later, but the wait granted me hugs from all of the registrar ladies waiting for me to pass the thing!

Tomorrow one of my favorite professors who moved last summer, is coming to visit! He is coming to view the senior designers' portfolio show. We are excited, as he was the primary educator in the skills we now hold to make a career out of, and is such a great person.

I still look forward to posting show pictures, and will after this madness!

Speaking of madness, my friends The Invasion, will play at the Big Easy tomorrow night, releasing,How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Madness. They are very good, compared to the sounds of Radiohead, Rufus Wainwright and Queen, but that's not the only reason to like it.
AND this will be my first show to receive Xs on my hands instead of a wristband! though my new age will only be granting me Xs and nothing else tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry i'm not there to join you for the all-nighter!

Also sorry i won't be there for your first "X"s...cause i've been SO excited for that album to come out! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!!

good luck with your portfolio and see you sooooooooon!!!

Anonymous said...


I've never missed that stressful feeling.

katie wilson said...

HURRAY! good job passing Kylee, that is fantastic. have fun with all of the graduation celebratory activities. let's hang out before you go far, far away!

the story is in the soil said...

yay for investiture! what a hoot and holla...can i get a holla. i want to be at the invasion show, but i have all these meridian ministerial fellowship meetings tonight, so i don't know if i'll be able to...sad indeed.

kylee said...

the invasion isn't set to play until 9 and it's always later than planed...come after your stuff.
hoot and holla

travis said...

i, unlike chad, do occasionally miss that stressful feeling. but i have a feeling that it won't be gone forever.

congrats on the math test and everything, and good luck with your portfolio review. i'm sure it will go exceptionally well.

i wanna see pics of the show stat.