Thursday, April 10

thank you

I wasn't going to post until I had pictures ready to accompany, but I just needed to write to say thank you to you my friends for supporting me & the things I care about. From afar with messages and calls and from all of you who attended the show reception, I received your love and I was spoiled to be able to be surrounded by such great people all night. I am glad everyone mingled, ate and talked for some time.

It was ironic and nice to hear footsteps and laughter and greeting inside the "house". My friend said initially she wanted to shh people for talking loudly while observing art, but then thought, well they're comfortable in the home and that's a good thing!

I didn't know what to expect for a critique of the work, and was honestly nervous because I had been around the work so long, I had no idea what fresh eyes would see. I was thankful to hear different interpretations of the installation. Although I made the work with reason and specific symbolism in mind, the purpose of creating the home was to invite the viewer to think of home, whatever that is for them.

I learned so much from the entire process and needed to create something that could reflect my experience in the fine art classes I have taken in the last four years. Crazy how fast it all is going by.

One of my best friends, Melissa came from kansas for the show and I am so thankful she will be here for a great de-stressing weekend.

It was also very nice of my grandma suzy, pop and aunt karla to come from portland.

thank you all.


bethany said...

can't wait to see the pics! love you.

the story is in the soil said...

the show was amazing! there was so much expressed through reminiscent memories. thanks for your vision.

Stacey said...

What a great show it was Kylee.