Thursday, April 17

today is thursday. tomorrow is math day.

That's right, we do see that dreaded math outside of Mrs. Decloss' high school classroom. She told me with that confident smirk that it would happen. "Math is needed and it is everywhere!" Well, here it is six years later. I have to pass the compass test tomorrow in order to graduate in a couple of weeks. Today a kind, other-brained student tutored me in college algebra and I think by being reminded of those long ago formulas, it will be possible to pass tomorrow.
Eww, enough space given to math. (sorry if it's your love, reader. But if math is your love I am curious to hear, why? really)

Pictures of the show are being comprised from 3 different cameras and the next post will hold them, promise.

I am stressed. I posted last December about procrastination and how it would never happen again. Well we all knew that would be hard. It has hit, but a different kind of procrastination. I was indeed working the entire semester, it's just that the last month was only show work and no general education work. These next two weeks will be hard, but possible.

Since living in Kansas last summer, I have planned to move there after graduation. With that time rapidly approaching I am getting anxious. I am excited to move and at the same time sad but thankful to leave the great things that make this Idaho home. I do not yet have a job and can't focus on that as much as I want until I get this college thing finished. I will work thoroughly to complete my portfolio, start sending it out in a couple of weeks and head for Kansas in the beginning of July. I will live with my precious friends for a month and every day go searching for that job. After, I will hopefully have a place and can settle down. I am open to alternatives if the search is sour in this present market, and I am praying that I will be sensitive to God while planing and moving, but being the dreamer I am, I am planing on a sweet not sour search and finding.

There is an update on plans and worries and hopes. But for tonight I choose to clean, study and get a good night's rest to wake up as secretary, student and friend tomorrow.

and happy birthday to the wonderful charles waters bryan the third.

thanks be to God for the sunshine and beauty today.
(even if tomorrow we drop 20 again.)


Chris Spicer said...

I'm excited for for everything you'll do for Kansas city.

Anonymous said...

I can't type much now, because my typing bugs teddy when he's trying to sleep...but thank you.

Cheers to moving.
Cheers to friendships.
Thanks for being my friend Kylee. I would love to spend some time with you when I'm there (April 28-May 3).

katie wilson said...

Namps will miss you. you are a sweet person, Kylee.

the story is in the soil said...

it was good to see you last always. sorry, i didn't get to say goodbye...but i will now...bye.

oh ya, and good luck on the compass test...and yes, i love math, but i'm asian, we tend to think with that side of our brain.

Jolleen said... are such a cool girl. :) I have this mental list of people who I wish I would have known better and you are one of those people! I'm excited for your future. :)

shaun said...

I wouldn't say math is my love, but I have enjoyed it from time to time. Back in high school, I used to hate English and love Math. Now I am kind of the opposite, only I don't hate math, I am just glad I am done with it. But at the same time, I know I would happily work on a sudoku anytime whereas a crossword puzzle kind of makes me want to cry. Anyways, Math is nice because when its right, you know its right. Its either wrong or right; there is no subjectivity in it. I guess I find comfort in that, and also enjoy the challenge of figuring something out and knowing for sure it is right and not have to worry about someone coming along and destroying my argument or telling me there is a better answer. For instance, right now as I write this I am thinking, maybe my views on math are wrong, maybe someone will read this and think this guy is stupid, his view and opinion is all wrong. And thats english/art for you: there can always be a better way. With math this isn't so, there is only one right answer, and thats what I like about it. But there is little to no creativity in math which is what makes it a little less fun I guess. Nobody really cares if you can show them how to find the area under a curve or how to derive Cos(a-b), but if you can write a poem or story that makes them cry or laugh, or make a beautiful piece of art, people really care. Then again, people care if you can send a rocket to the moon, which is math, so who knows. Anyways, this is much longer than it should be for a comment, sorry. Good luck on the test, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your last 2 months here.

katie wilson said...

how did the math go??