Thursday, April 24

God is good.

all the time. really.
and i want to be better at proclaiming this, more on the normal days.

but today wasn't normal. or maybe it was full of things that are normal, but that are also great, and maybe that's what made it special.

with not much sleep I awoke and made my way home (art building) to work on the portfolio. The seniors then had investiture (or harry potter chapel as we like to call it because of the march with the mase, the sometimes velvet robes and Ponsford looking like Dumbledore). This was the first time this graduating thing seemed real, and somewhat sad. but nice. Wow those caps are sure awkward.
THEN we set off to the art lounge where professor Bouw was waiting, in town from Indiana! You forget how much you care about someone, well not really but sometimes you're reminded why you indeed care about someone, when you are with them. and it was so great to gather in the lounge and be with our professor and friend who belongs here and has been such a grand part of our career here.

Later Mike, Bodo, Bouw and I left for Boise to go to the Invasion show. First, we stopped at flying m and met some friends who graduated last year from the art department. What a nice time to feel at home in yet another setting and conversation. I was encouraged with talk about work and grad school and the after school life from friends who have gone through the exact same stages and who understand.

The show was wonderful! The Invasion is very intentional and energized with tight transitions and syncopation. Aaron Brown led with great vocals better than some girls in range and Nate Hanson had some great solos. Dancing was necessary. With loving people all around the room and a needed break I was smiling thanking God for today.

I am assured of my chosen practice in a time when it is being tested and reminded of a hobby that I love that brings people together and makes one dance.


Stacey said...

I can't keep up with it all.

the story is in the soil said...

if only i could've been there to dance...

reed said...

the concert really was great. nice picture.

kylee said...

yes it was. thanks for taking that picture and others reed!