Tuesday, May 20

pollen is making "friends" with every one of my five senses

i work at a school. while in college, this was a great morning job before i started my schooling during the day. while I have a month or so left as secretary, I want to give the fine people there more attention. Now that I am not swamped with other priorities, I can afford to stay late some days or make Accelerated Reader certificates. There is one thing that I want to give them, that I have not yet mastered. I would like to arrive at work 5-10 minutes early. I say this to myself every evening, and talk myself out of it every morning before getting out of bed. To the point where not all makeup is applied, hair may be wet, and I am either just on time or 5 minutes late. I am never scolded, but knowing that my boss has been there since 5 am, pours on the guilt.

Recently I have new motivation. There is a sophomore girl, who looks nice enough, who used to always sit in the car with her grandpa around 6:45. (I am supposed to be at work at 7) Well a couple weeks ago, this student came in before I did and my boss asked her if she would sit and watch the phones until I arrived. How nice. How willing.
She has now been sitting in that chair every single morning. Earlier. and earlier.
She loves this new helpful position.
But I know that I could be and should be doing this 5 or 10 minutes earlier and show my boss that I care. I'm hired to do so. When I walk in, coming in second, I feel like a lazy slacker. So, I will look at my new sophomore friend who leaves confusing notes as,
a pleasant motivation, to get to work earlier and earlier. and once I conquer that,she will probably come earlier and the healthy race will continue.

on other notes,
weather = awesome
boise = awesome
hey and nampa = awesome
barbecues = awesome
new treats = awesome
catching up on little people big world
= awesome
sun still up at 10 = awesome

oh and this,

= not awesome at all.


Chris Spicer said...

I like the new challenge on yourself. Good luck with that.

Also, maybe we could catch up on the phone sometime. Have you got my messages?

travis said...

i agree with all the awesomeness. and if it makes you feel any better, gas is 3.95 in seattle (although, i've done my hunting, and i can find it occasionally for 3.80).

katie wilson said...

Kylee, i am late every day to work...every day. every evening i plan on being early or on time...never happens. what's really funny is that i'm upset with myself each morning i am 5-10 minutes late...but it keeps happening, so i must not be upset enough? all this to say, i understand completely! and, i'm so glad we have a mutual understanding of our dear Namps.

Sherry said...

oh boy, right.down.my.unfortunate.aisle. I was ALWAYS about 5 minutes late. ALWAYS. I always try to be early, I get everything ready the night before, but I always manage to catch an extra minute of the Today Show and it pulls me off my schedule. I can so easily picture Mrs.S sitting in her office, not really saying anything, but I can feel your embarrassment:)...i have SO been there.

however, no matter how late you were running...you always, always looked adorable.

shaun said...

Hey, I know what thats like too. My old boss used to leave his house every morning at 4 am so that he could beat traffic on his 2 hour daily commute, then sit in his car an hour or so waiting for everyone else to show up. Everyone else (who happened to live at least an hour away as well) would then show up about 15 minutes early and start setting up the job site. I however would always be that last push of the snooze button late, and I only lived like 20 minutes away. Their boss however was my dad, so they would just make fun of me every morning saying something like, hey look at the bosses son thinking he can show up whenever he feels like. Definitely made me feel like a bit of a slacker too. Though I think I felt worse the mornings they didn't say anything cause I felt I needed at least some sort of verbal punishment. If you want annoying wake up calls demanding that you get out of bed and get ready this instant, let me know, and sorry my comments are always so long. Your blogs just always remind me of so much.