Tuesday, May 27

fashion show

fashion show
fashion show at lunch.

(thank you Kelly)

there was indeed a fashion show. Studio D and a local bank (sorry bank about the no plug, I can't remember your name. Probably because there are 58 banks in Nampa) put on a fashion show to raise money for a local women's abuse shelter. The event was a great idea, successful and it was nice to have such an event in Nampa- our little boy/girl is sure growing up. The bistro catered some nice appetizers, (I only was able to sneak the lamb) and although your every day women modeled for the show, fortunately no one fell down.

Claire and I had fun modeling some of Elise's fabulous clothes from Brass Razoo and enjoyed a full day at the salon getting ready.
(I didn't know how or attempt to take off my fake eyelashes for a couple days)

My Idaho Pick of the Post must be Studio D. I have gone to this fabulous salon since I was in 7th grade. Danae is so talented, I don't let anyone else cut my hair and Victor is the ultimate perfectionist for my eyebrows. I know I COULD go without all these things, but why, when it's so good?! This is a Pick of the Post, because I will probably cry when I go to a new salon in Kansas City.

Thanks for sticking with me on my more shallow of days.

and the rain was beautiful today.

and my dad turned 46 today! I got him some cute low-rise brown pants but he keeps pulling them up. we'll see if they last.


katie wilson said...

yesssssssssssssssss! model!

Stacey said...

Shallow??? You're not shallow even on your "shallowist" of days.

Kristin said...

Don't worry love, I will send you to a great Kansas City salon where you will make new, fun, hair-obsessed friends.

katie wilson said...

JUST had my hair done by Danae for the first time...fantastic! she said so many good things about you Kylee...she really loves you. who doesn't though? :)